Photos: Turkish Flight Attendant Dies Of Malaria In Istanbul After Trip To Nigeria


turkish flight attendant dies malaria nigeria

June 23, 2015 – Pictures: Turkish Air Hostess, Flight Attendant Dies Of Malaria In Istanbul After Trip To Nigeria

A flight attendant with Turkish Airlines has passed away days after returning to Istanbul from Nigeria.

According to colleagues, Selda Durmaz died last Friday night at a private clinic in Istanbul as a result of mosquito bite she suffered while on duty in Nigeria.

She reportedly fell sick after her trip to Nigeria. On getting to her base in Istanbul she was hospitalized after a persistent high fever.

Two separate doctors diagnosed her with flu before another expert at a specialist hospital discovered she had malaria because of her travel history.Selda Durmaz

She was immediately given injection and medication but the Malaria parasite has weakened her immune system.

She died on Friday night at the 3rd hospital around 2am.

Very sad!!May her soul rest in peace.

Is Turkey mosquito free??? Must every bad thing be attached to Nigeria. What is the result of her autopsy?