Pastor Tunde Bakare In Latest Sermon Says If Buhari Dies, Nigeria Will Breakup

buhari death nigeria breakup

July 28, 2014Pastor Tunde Bakare In Latest Sermon Says Buhari’s Death Will Break Nigeria Apart

Excerpts from Pastor Tunde Bakare’s sermon on Sunday the 27th of July 2014.

“But for what could only have been an act of God, this past week might have marked the beginning of the end for our nation. For if the attack targeted at Buhari and his entourage on Wednesday had succeeded, the hatchers of the Nigerian disintegration agenda would have been smiling home to the bank by now.

“The enormous goodwill and massive following enjoyed by the General among the tens of millions of disadvantaged northern youths for whom he has become a messianic symbol, would have transmogrified into the unguided and uncontrollable fury of a vengeful army, whose target would not be without political and ethnic colouration.

“Invariably, this would have sparked up a corresponding reaction of violence from an equally militant antagonistic young population from across the Niger. One needs not be a political analyst to see that such a scenario might have culminated in the demise of our nation.”

“To win this war, we must embark forthwith on accurate diagnosis. There is a fundamental difference between traditional Islam and the radical Islam of our day. To lump them together would be a tragic mistake. It would only produce error, which would lead to attendant terror.

“I only hope that this is a wakeup call to our government and we must now rise up so that together we can deploy all our resources to stop the terrorists dead in their tracks,”

18 thoughts on “Pastor Tunde Bakare In Latest Sermon Says If Buhari Dies, Nigeria Will Breakup

  1. It’s high time for our leader to speak out truth, I mean they should uncloth masqurate.
    There some issues here in Nigeria which has not to do with boko haram’s but political haram’s, the Lord revealed this revelation to me.
    There would be more bloodsha from some policians leader starting August 2014 in the name of boko haram’s, Let standup again in prayer Nigeria.
    Father in jesus name,touch the heart of the bad politicians among the goods one in jesus name,Nigeria, you will not breakup in the mighty name of jesus(AMEM).

    • Amara Adokiye, not only sermon but church become a place that poltician announced there political programmes, acheivement & plans talk less of how they storm places of worship with security men that even prevent other peoples from attending congregation.

  2. Look at what this pastor is saying, buhari we all nigerians want dead you are here saying we will split if he die, he will die let’s see if we going to split

  3. The word of God is to edify, encourage and deliver…..
    Lets noe ask ourselves……what do we preach…
    Pst Bakare ask yourself…..are you preaching “thus sayeth the Lord” ?

    • Botulams, there is no edifying words of God this pastor knows Buhari very well and does what he says is the word of God.

  4. BEZO, chew your words & i think this your comment may implicate you, you cant just come out apprently & say so this Buhari that you see may be the one will save this country if mandate given as it happend to Mandela & the rest be neutral please of dem

  5. jt which favour the man of God look from Buhari because i consider him as not a president or governor that control public fund, law & order be focus jt. We need peace from anyone, anywhere in this country.

  6. Look at what this pastor is talking about. Is Buhari the owner of Nigeria? i strongly believe that if Buhari dies tody, his death will be history. and nothing will Happen to our beloved country Nigeria.They will only be a temporarily protest from ignoramus persons like the pastor,there after he shall remain a bygone.

  7. Nigerians did not know how important and relevant Buhari’s life is for the unity of this country until the failed attempt on his life in Kaduna bomb incident. It is now clear the intentions of Boko Haram to disintegrate Nigeria and segregate the north from the rest of Nigeria for their selfish and satanic control of the territory of the north. Lessons to be learnt from these failed assasination attempt also abounds in the fact that you did not have to embezzle state coffers as other past military leaders have done to be so recognised and respected as Mohamadu Buhari, he is no doubt poor peoples hope in Nigeria. Who would have bothered if state looters like Babangida, Abacha and likes were victims of Boko Haram on the streets of Minna and Kano. It tell you money is not everything in life. Muhamadu Buhari, proud son of Nigeria. Nigeria is proud of your honesty in midst of wanton thievery by your retired military colleagues like Babangida & Abacha etc.

  8. Pst Tunde Bakare, wt due respect Sir, i wnt u 2 knw n undstnd dat:- U DNT KNW WAT U RE SAYN.
    Eartly possessions has beclouded ur sense of reasoning. Wake up.

  9. Thank God almighty that General Buhari didnt die in the attack by the Boko haram………Now it is clear dat dis guys r just after d mitigation nd disintegration of Nigeria ..The only person who saved general Buhari dat day was GOD …just him alone made d plans of d evil ones futile……May God bless Nigeria nd punish those who has sworn to bring Nigeria under their feet

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