Pasuma Bows For K1: Outrage As Oganla Kneels To Greet KWAM1 At 50th Birthday Party

pasuma bow knee for k1

December 8, 2017 –  Pasuma Bows For K1: Outrage As Wasiu Alabi Odetola Pasuma Oganla Kneels Down To Greet Wasiu Ayinde K1 At 50th Birthday Party

The most talked about show in Lagos last weekend is the 50th birthday party Fuji star Wasiu Alabi Odetola aka Pasuma.

The event which held at 10 Degrees event center in Ikeja was graced by dignitaries as well as celebrities from the Yoruba movie genre of Nollywood.

Fans were however caught by surprise when Pasuma’s top rival, Wasiu Ayinde, KWAM 1 entertained guests at the occasion.

Pasuma in his usual humble manner showed some respect for K1 when he bowed to honour him.

The ‘Mushin boy”s kind gesture got tongues wagging as some fans who were present at the event were of the opinion that he should not have bowed for K1.

pasuma knees down to greet pasuma

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24 thoughts on “Pasuma Bows For K1: Outrage As Oganla Kneels To Greet KWAM1 At 50th Birthday Party

  1. Wasiu Alabi you have to grow up to be in the same level as your colleagues. You are lagging behind and it is discouraging
    You don’t have to be nice to everyone

  2. There is nothing wrong with it. D fact is Wasiu seniors pasuma in fuji
    Fans should mind their own business and let these people be

  3. It is 3 of your that need to grow, elder is elder. especially your senior colleague in your industry. humility is the tools u need to get to the top, u can see that the humbleness working for the guy. so you guys should stop commenting rubbish and grow

  4. Obasanjo kneel postrate for Ooni of Ife i hopoe that is childish or low self esteem, this young generation can hardly understand what respect is all about,elder remain elder no matter what or you guys expect KWAM1 to knell down for Pasuma that is when he is a big boy. A kin pa agba Ile eni ka je AKIN only the wise can know the meaning.

  5. there s nothing wrong in respecting him(K1).k1 senior him both age and industry it is now left to K1 to reciprocate.God bless u OGANLA….I LOVE U SO MUCH

  6. However a person opts to honor or to greet another is a personal thing. Age has nothing to do with it and sometimes not even cultural expectations dictate same. Allow them be a beg. If you visiit certain people and they deserve respect you automatically react by bowing or genuflecting or whatever. The same people now criticizing will readily bow to the princes of foreign countries notwithstanding their being older than those princes. Also, if they are in the military they will readily salute and address with respect people with higher ranks although those people are younger age wise.
    Unworthy criticism!

  7. if my father fwend wants to shake me.
    i still bow my head
    jus to show some respect
    those commenting are *****and hypocrytes.

  8. KWAM DE Ultimate is like elder bro to Pasuma and and bowed before him doesn’t mean anything.What Pasuma did was just a sign of showing respect to senior colleague and elderly person.

  9. I don’t know why some people are complaining about this,don’t you respect your older at home and you too want to grow like older na wa Oooo

  10. Pasuma keep it up,it is that your respect attitude still keep u on track and that it what I trip for in you.
    Allah keep blessing your new Age.

  11. Gbayi jor Talker…leave those peoples that are saying Rubbish, don’t you hear what Lagos state speaker (MUDATHIR OBASA) was saying when they called him out to unveiled Pasuma’s story book that called Golden Son Of MUSHIN during Birthday Program on Sunday at LTV8 about PASUMA… Pls let him be with his Good attitude, he is going to reap his good did one day… OGA TIWA

  12. hmm forever you will remain relevant pasuma only the humble will be lifted up,dnt mind them you,just remain forcus

    • The main reason the first three people commented like that is simply because of the long feud between Wasiu Ayinde and Pasuma. I think what Pasuma did showed that he had forgotten and forgiven Wasiu and moved on. That’s exactly what God demands from us. Happy birthday Pasuma and I do hope Wasiu Ayinde learnt from that . Life is too short my people. God Almighty Father will honour us with good things of life IJMN. Amen.

  13. Please dont kill our curture with exposure let respect our curture pasuma well done.happy belated birthday igba odun okan nio

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