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“Patience Jonathan’s Bad Habit Caused GEJ’s Defeat” – PDP Chief, Osom Makbere

patience jonathan caused jonathan defeat

April 26, 2015 – “Patience Jonathan’s Bad Habit Caused Goodluck Jonathan, GEJ’s Defeat” – PDP Chief, Osom Makbere

A Bayelsa-based lawyer, and the spokesperson for PDP, Osom Makbere has blamed President Jonathan’s defeat on the troublesome attitude of his wife and the negative impact of international and domestic conspiracies.

Makbere blamed the overbearing attitude of the outgoing First Lady, Patience Jonathan for her husband’s defeat.

In his words:

“History has stated that no failure, defeat or loss is a product of a single factor. Jonathan’s loss could be blamed on a multiplicity of interwoven causes.

“Jonathan was a victim and target of international cum domestic esoteric codes and conspiracies. On the international level, the passage of the anti-gay legislation led to criticisms and face-off with the US, and the West.

“The strides made in the economic sphere, especially domestic rice promotion, calculated by the Jonathan administration to flip economic growth, and boost import substitution, also negatively alerted the West. The shift to China for our railway transformation, and recently, the migration to Russia for arms and ammunition to quelling the insurgency also signalled to the West that Jonathan had started constituting a self-reliant and dependent nation-state, a feat seen too tall by the US and their allies in the West.

“The aforesaid international factors found room to flourish given the obstinacy and impudence on the part of Mrs. Jonathan. The end result of her personal ambition to plant ‘self-made’ governors triggered face-offs with some governors.”



  1. OmoKehinde

    April 26, 2015 at 9:11 AM

    What a dumb, baseless, and senseless analysis of president Jonathan election defeat on March 28, 2015. Is a free world, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. But this Balyesa chief does not mention Boko Haram massive murder of innocent Nigerians during his presidency,no mention of over 200 secondary school girls that were kidnapped over a year ago,no mention of the missing 20 billion dollars from the NNPC account, no mention of fuel subsidy scam that jacked up the prices of kerosene and petrol under Jonathan by over 75%, no mention of inflation, no mention of unemployment rate, no mention of corruption, bribery and looting on his watch, no mention of so many unprecedented money laundering operations, and no mention of politics of division and religious play by Jonathan and his corrupt pastors. The list goes on and on, and he said Jonathan lost because of domestic and international conspiracies. He lost because he has forsaken the masses who voted him in in 2011. President Jonathan will be remembered has the most incompetent, most corrupt, most wasteful, and the worse president in Nigerians history who spent 2 trillion naira and still lost his reelection bid. Four More Years Of This zoologist would have destroyed Nigeria completely. We thank God he lost the election.

    • Lady D

      April 27, 2015 at 8:14 AM

      Wow…..well said!

  2. Bench

    April 26, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    You are say the truth. But you are lie when you are talk say Patience na trobul persin. Is no be true. Is it bicos she was not sabi to be spoke big englishes?

  3. Bernard

    April 26, 2015 at 3:25 PM

    I beg to disagree with everything the writer wrote as per the international reasons for the defeat of GEJ in the just ended presidential election. This is just an attempt to eulogize unfounded achievements of GEJ. GEJ failed entirely in his administration. Surrounding himself with self-centered individuals including his own wife and couple with the inhuman and barbaric activities of Boko Haram which GEJ blatantly failed to contain led to Nigerians including the rest of the world to turned their backs on him. GEJ failed woefully. The USA had nothing to do with his defeat. Just like what happened in the USA in 2008, it’s the same with Nigeria in the just concluded élections. It came to that point where enough is enough as Nigeria needed a change. GEJ was a victim of himself and the people around him including his wife. Looking at where GEJ came from, this would have been a golden opportunity for him to show case to Nigerians and the international community what God can do in the lives of the less privileges. His ascension to any of the offices he has held has been nothing but the finger of God. On a step by step basis, our good God walked him into the highest office of the land but he disappointed. I’m indeed persuaded he failed even himself if honestly he can find time for an introspection. I for one wish him God’s favor in his future endeavors.

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