Patience Jonathan’s Resurrection Thanksgiving Party Photos – “God Woke Me Up After 7 Days Of Death”

patience jonathan thanksgiving party

Feb 18, 2013 – Patience Jonathan’s Resurrection Thanksgiving Party Photos – “God Woke Me Up After 7 Days Of Death”

On Sunday our dear First Lady madam Dame Patience Jonathan who claimed she resurrected after over 7 days of death gave glory to God during a thanksgiving service that took place in Abuja.

The madam who claimed her close friends sold all her properties hoping she won’t return thanked baba God like never before yesterday, a party that literally shut down some section of Abuja.

Nollywood actor Osita Iheme aka pawpaw and his best friend Chinedu aka Aki and a host of other Nigerian movie stars came to get their own portion of the national cake yesterday.

The thanksgiving party alone costs Nigeria over N1 Billion.

See more photos from Madam’s resurrection party below.

She was dead now she is alive. I no feel laugh. This madam is really funny.

28 thoughts on “Patience Jonathan’s Resurrection Thanksgiving Party Photos – “God Woke Me Up After 7 Days Of Death”

  1. Pls naijagist mind d way u adress d first lady pls show are some respect she is human being like u,dat word ‘she claimed’ is very bad it does not show a good writer. She is ur first lady 4 crying out loud.if baba God could look at the whole women in nigeria and choose to make her the first lady of this great country apprieciate God for that He is the all knowing God. Even the bibles says give honour to whom due to. All the same i give thanks to God for her saving her life.

  2. Thanks be to God for sparing her life. I don’t see anything wrong in her throwing party to thankGod for her life. Every other person will do the same.

  3. What a joke!!! One billion naira for the self-proclaimed dame’s thanksgiving party is utterly senseless. Although I am a born Christian, the so called men of god that participated in this meaningless thanksgiving party were all in denial as well as anti-Christ too. Because of the consequences of the Nigerian politicians individual greedy decisions, these men of god are ordained to be praying for the citizens that are socially excluded as well as attacking the inhumane politicians through the media both national and international, rather majority of them chose to dine with them as the above pictures justified.

    These devised harsh conditions from our nominated leaders supported by the WEST are what Nigerians are suffering presently. International communities, non-government organisations as well as various western countries will only drag Nigeria down the dumps. But let the truth be known, the experiences of the past and current hard times inflicted on the citizens by our elected leaders can only yielded the revolution of the mind and the end result might lead to a class war. To every dark day, there is a brighter day ahead. Since 1st October 1960, the Nigerian citizens are still not independent. The ball is in the citizen’s court and not the politicians. Let us love one another, pray for the angles to guide and protect this beloved country and at the same time destroy and make no space for all the evil ones and their family that have no good intension for this beloved nation. Long live Nigeria!!!!

  4. I Thank God for giving her another chance to correct her mistake. MaMa Nijer congrate. More life and good health.

  5. Abegggi!!! People should give this woman a break na!. She is thanking God for sparing her life, its no joke being operated upon 6 – 8 times. Let her thank God the way she can, whatever name she called being in coma is not the issue. She made it afterall. God has put her there, let’s honour her. Some of us will do worse if put in her position. Na wa oh! Who can ever get it right in this naija?

  6. A means of stealin.y wl dy spend 1bilion ova a thnk givin 2 sumbdy wh s nt even servin d country,hw much do dy spend on dose police men dt do die on duty 4 ds country,n u pple r wishn hr gud luck, mayb next tym dy wl spend ur salary on a welcum party 4 hr 4rm anoda courtry, wht of if sh had die,dy wud hv sold d country, i dnt care,if sh wnt sh cn go 2 Hell 4 al i care.

  7. Dat 4amily is vanishing 9ja money especialy dat woman call d 1st lady pls let jona tel ha 2 take dos money 2 modales baby homes or invest it in2 oda tins bcus am nt sure dat money she is lashing is ha salaries

  8. dael&hussman both of u re mad.shey if it waz an hausa man or woman u people wil say d tanxgivin is worth it.tribalism wil kil al dis illiterate northners.tank God 4 not eazy.

  9. abeg 9ja….. Was d 1st lady really dead???, why wernt nigerians informed abt it??? Nd hw possible is it dat her friendz sold ‘all’ her property????

  10. Any how. If i were de president i would even eaten money more dan dis current 1s. Its nt easy 2 be in power. So enjoy ur lyf Aunt PATIENCE. KINGS

  11. well I may likely say that God is so wonderfull because this is another history of a dead human comming back to life.

  12. No body should judge her,if wat she’s sayin is true,to God b d glory,but if it’s not,liv her n God 2 settle it,it’s none of ur biz.afterall if u were in her shoes,u’ll do mor

  13. Pls!! I dnt believe dat, look at how much money they spend only for party. While people are dying in hunger in dis country every day..

  14. Nothing is 2 much 2 thank God especially for d gift of life or is it bcox she is d 1st lady dat evrybody is raising an eyebra abeg l follow u thank Baba God bt make sure u r n peace wt God.may d blood of Jesus Christ always cover u and ur family Amen!

  15. Hebrews 9:27. Mama Dame Patience Jonathan Goodluck. Congratulations I’m happy 4u. How I wish I was there also to collect my portion of the national cake.

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