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Patrick Abba Moro Must Be Probed For Extorting & Killing Jobless Nigerians – Oruma Latest News Updates

Patrick Abba Moro Must Be Probed For Extorting & Killing Jobless Nigerians – Oruma

abba moro

August 12, 2015 – Patrick Abba Moro Must Be Probed For Extorting & Killing Jobless Nigerians – Oruma

Every patriotic Nigerian should pray for PMB to succeed as there is palpable fear of elitist gang-up against his goodwill to fighting corruption. Only yesterday the formal Head of State Abdulsalam Abubakar, Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar, Rev. Mathew Kuka along others visited PMB for a peace negotiation few days after formal President Jonathan secretly met him, and for Rev. Mathew Kuka to caution PMB how to go about fighting corruption calls for a grave concern, and this is where our President must distance himself from these individuals.

Come to think of it! Is fighting corruption a threat to National Peace? No body can claim ignorant of humungous corruption going on under Jonathan at the time, yet the Peace committee kept mute and never bordered to visit Jonathan to caution him or provide possible solution on how to fight corruption, rather these elites were enjoying every beat of it. While Nigerians would appreciate their contribution with regard to peace deal during the election, it is pertinent they. stay clear of the way and manner PMB fight corruption.

This is what I call elitist coup deta’t to scuttle whatever process put in place by PMB, in this journey Nigerians should realise that our President is alone in this fight except we give him the needed support and courage to stamp out corruption. The elites are not happy with PMB but God in his infinite mercy shall continue to protect him beyond 2023.

His emergence signal the end of impunity perpetuated by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Of course the fight against corruption could not be won on the platter of gold without having to see these looters fighting back through media propaganda and blackmails, as seen currently deploy by those sympathetic to the course of PDP.

Now to why Abba Moro must go to jail? Of course corruption has been with us for years but what makes that of the Administration of formal President Goodluck Jonathan distinct was the level of impunity that accompanied it, that is to say free- for-all loot and whereas the members of the public could go to hell for all they care. It reached its crescendo when the formal Minister of Interior Abba Moro extorted close to a billion Naira from innocent job seekers in the name of Immigration Recruitment Exercise, unfortunately many died during the process which the said Minister instead of rendering apology to the family of the victims accused the decease of desperado.

While Abba Moro may be luckier to smile to the Banks with this blood money, the government at the time shielded him from any form of accountability. Thus, another round of Exercise was conducted amid public discontentment yet again shrouded in dubiosity, as government close associates allocated to themselves recruitment slots at the detriment of poor qualified Nigerians.

We urge the EFCC to go after Abba Moro and his colleagues whom on account of desperation for money murdered innocent jobless Nigeria in broad day light. In fact, the level of job racketeering and corruption in the ministry of Interior headed by Abba Moro is one that requires holistic scrutinisation of the activities of all the departments under it, including the Nigeria Prison Service, Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigeria Civil Defence Service Corps, Nigeria Fire Service in relation to the way individuals were absorbed into the workforce in the last Six years.

There is no doubt the activities in the last few years have shown that grave injustice had been committed against Nigerian State, as these monsters could go any length to shot-change our collective patrimony. It is a crime against humanity for these individuals to drive around in exotic cars with our stolen wealth.

To this end, I urge the DSS, EFCC and related Agencies to go after Abba Moro and his associates upon receiving petitions against them, it is a must they account for their stewardship. Nigerians are behind PMB to cleanse Nigeria of corruption, as no amount of intimidation, lobbying and blackmails would stop us from exposing their illicit acts.

Long live PMB!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

President Northern Youths Intellectual Advocacy Forum (NYIF)]



  1. Bankole Jones

    August 12, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Good talk by Oruma, That guy called ABBA MORO needed to be prosecuted.

  2. Ayodele

    August 13, 2015 at 5:36 AM

    This issue of people visiting Buhari because of his anti corruption stance is worrying and confirms the fear we always had that nigerian leadership across all sectors is rottened to the core. Everyone has something to hide starting from Jonathan, obj, abdulsalam down to religious leaders. It is now time for the nigerian youth to rise up to the occasion and support this true leader that we expected for a long time. The same energy currently wasted to support soccer teams in the European soccer leagues should be directed to social media activities, mass rallies and activism that stops these criminal leaders trying to use peace as a vehicle to stop anti corruption fight. The real enemy of peace is corruption and lack of justice. If we do not get justice then we can never have true peace. This so called peace committee is made for looters to enjoy their ill gotten wealth in peace.

  3. EFCC

    August 13, 2015 at 8:58 AM

    Abba moro deserve to go to jail by the EFCC for eating up the money and killing jobless innocent Nigerians sacking the job @ that period, he is a political crimininal so we EFCC shall go after him and he most be jail forever.

  4. EFCC

    August 13, 2015 at 9:00 AM

    Thank God for PMB

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