“PDP Has More Muslim Leaders Than APC Party” – VP Namadi Sambo Boasts

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Feb 5, 2015 – “PDP Has More Muslim Leaders Than APC” – VP Namadi Sambo Boasts

In a bid to counter those accusing APC of being a Muslim-dominated party, Nigeria’s Vice President Namadi Sambo has come open in defense of the ruling party.

Hear what Mr Sambo said in Minna recently:

“When people bring the issue of religion to deceive you, our party has more Muslims than APC. Therefore if this (is) the yardstick, we then have an edge.

“Our chairman is a Muslim; the Director General of our campaign is a Muslim likewise. I Namadina Namadina Sambo is a Muslim. It is only our presidential candidate that is a Christian.

“In APC, their chairman is a Christian, their Campaign Director General is a Christian and the Vice President is a Pastor. Now let me ask you, which between the parties has more Muslims?”

So they have started using religion to campaign abi?? Diarrhea of the mouth dey worry person

10 thoughts on ““PDP Has More Muslim Leaders Than APC Party” – VP Namadi Sambo Boasts

  1. Naija will never go out of Religion and Tribe head,that is reason we are backward,USA is great ,over 180 country as USA passport,they fight to defend USA,but naija all black africans 100ys no unity,why staying together let go seperate ways.

  2. Namadi Sambo is just a toothless VP, Lacking the faculty of sight; blind. Lacking intelligent foresight or visionless.
    Sambo has come to the represent the Muslims,and not to serve the Nation but a religious extremist.

  3. Now that the VP has revealed it that PDP is muslim dominated party, why then is the propaganda by PDP that APC is a muslim party and intend to Islamise Nigeria. Why then did CAN endorse GEJ who is suroounded by muslims and in a muslim dominated party. Then it means that the alligation of N6b bribe to some Pastors by Mr Amechi is not far from the truth. It means that CAN and the pastors involve are not representing the intrerest of Christians nither are they for Nigeria. But for their own selfish interest. Nigerians should pls be wise this time and refused to be pushed any religious leader. They all have one vote each like you have. Vote ur conscience and use your vote which is ur power wisely. God bless Nigeriam

  4. His just been realistic. Religion or tribe shouldn’t be the rational for electing our leaders….. At least, he expresses himself when he is still in the party and not when he had left. kudos to him!

  5. but is dis not the same pdp dat’s calling APC a islamic party, why is he open his mouth anyhow without controllinh his utterances.come FEBUARY 14, u’ll marvel.

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