Peter Okoye Talks Life As A Father, Says Wife Lola Omotayo Is Strict


June 19, 2016 – Peter Okoye Talks Life As A Father, Says Wife Lola Omotayo Is Strict

Excerpts from Father’s day interview with Peter Okoye

How do you intend to spend Father’s Day?

Thankfully, I will be around but I feel every day is Father’s Day. Trying to set out a special day to celebrate it doesn’t make sense to me. We may just buy popcorn and watch a movie together in the comfort of our home. If we decide to spend the day outdoors, we will attract stares and fans would not let me be. I won’t be able to enjoy that intimate time with my children.

How do you separate being a superstar and a dad?

I wish it were possible because sometimes when I’m out with my kids, I want to spend quality time alone with them. I hate having security around me and not being able to enjoy the moment with them. I don’t want them to get used to that life because in future, they would find it difficult adjusting to not having security follow them around. I want them to live their own lives away from mine. My son is aware that I am a celebrity but my daughter doesn’t know yet. Last year, I went somewhere with my son and he turned around and asked, ‘Dad, where is your bodyguard?’

Is there anything you wish to do better as a father?

I wish that I had my children earlier; I was with their mum for years before we got married. I even had them before we got married. If I had them a long time ago, we would relate more like siblings. If they were teenagers for instance, they would know that their dad is a celebrity and can learn certain things on their own.

Who is the stricter parent between you and your wife?

My wife is stricter; she has a naughty corner where she disciplines any erring child. My wife puts them in check.

lola omotayo is strict

Whenever Cameron does something wrong in school, he confides in me first. He does this because he knows I will find a way to calm his mum’s nerves.

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