Tayo Sobola Begins Work On TV Drama Series, Says Her Success Intimidates Men

tayo sobola tv drama series

June 19, 2016 – Nollywood Actress Tayo Sobola Sotayo Begins Work On TV Drama Series, Says Her Success Intimidates Men

Excerpts from Tayo Sobola’s chat with Celebrity Spice

My Latest Project

I am working on an English and Yoruba soap opera. I decided to work on a production that would cut across the English and Yoruba-speaking people. Each episode will tell a different story and right now, it’s called Bella’s Series. I will feature celebrities in the series and I have already shot an episode which starred Jimmy Jatt.

Men Are Intimidated By My Success

I think it’s natural for men to feel intimated by a woman’s success. No man would want to associate himself with a lady that is wretched and no man wants a woman who is more successful than he his. This scenario also happens to me. Some men are quite intimidated by me.

17 thoughts on “Tayo Sobola Begins Work On TV Drama Series, Says Her Success Intimidates Men

  1. Crazy girl no idea who you are I can never be jealous of useless p*** using Nollywood as cover so shut da f** up

  2. Try and learn the word “humility”. What in God’s name makes you think you are successful? Let alone be intimidating keep your ego in check dumm ass

  3. I don’t think “intimidated” is the right word. Women are not always easy to control; a rich, successful woman is even harder. Men are not intimidated; they simply question you pliability.

  4. What is this? Careless mouth or blabber mouth? She must be speaking for odd men in her family; why wouldn’t I want what is good? Folks, don’t you think she should have considered the word “some ” instead of emphatic generalization?

  5. I wish you all the best in your endeavors nevertheless,never limit your effort in life because of another person whether a man or a woman….No matter who we are,we will always be loved by whoever wants to love us irregardless of who we are .Be yourself and live a good life.

  6. Baba nla nonsense from one of the Nollywood aristos. Real or correct men celebrate highly successful, smart, intelligent, humble and talented women with real career and true accomplishments, but those that are foolish get intimidaTed by properties acquired by prostitution. Ms. Tayo Sobola cannot even differenciate the difference between true success and shameful profession, we all what ladies like you do behind close door after all cameras, audio, makeup or makeover, and special effects are turndown. My dear, true success doesn’t brag nor showoff stupidly.

  7. If men are not intimidated of shining effervecent stars like Genevieve Nnaji, Rita Dominic, Chika Ike, Ini Edo etc… Who the hell do you think you are?

    I take a stroll…

  8. she is looking for fame…..using wrong channel!!!….even the richest lady never comment in such manner

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