Photo: 2 Members Of A Notorious Car Snatching Gang Arrested In Lagos

car snatcher arrested

Sunday May 29, 2016 – Picture: 2 Members Of A Notorious Car Snatching Gang Arrested In Lagos

Lagos Police Command Detectives have smashed a gang that specialised in using their operational car to block victims’ vehicles on the expressway, in order to rob them. The police said it arrested just two members of the gang, while still hunting four others.

The two suspects in police net are Usman Musa, 28 and Garba. But Garba has vehemently denied being a member of the gang. He described himself as a trader, dealing in buying and selling of jewelry. According to him, he didn’t know that the jewelry he bought from Musa were stolen ones.

Before the gang was smashed, it had already snatched several vehicles. Musa confessed that they sold two of the cars, a Toyota Camry and Highlander Jeep for just N200, 000.

8 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Members Of A Notorious Car Snatching Gang Arrested In Lagos

  1. Toyota Camry and Highlander @ N200k! That’s serious. Those buying the stolen products from them are equally thieves as well. Rot in jail!

  2. Bastards. How can you sell somebody’s sweat that worth over #4million for a miserable #200000?

  3. I am sure if Garba is actually a Jewelry dealer, he should at least have a Union under which umbrella he operates. Trust hausas with the issues of Association or Union.
    Even cola-nut sellers have their union.

    So if Garba can prove this by taking the police to his members and chairman with a conviencing proves then I think he should be given some considerations cos most at times too, this policemen tend to arrest innocent victims.

    I take a stroll…

  4. For Just #200,000…
    All bcos u evil men did not know wot d real owner passed through to purchase dat car u just throw out 4 penny..
    thank God d law hv caught up wit u people.. time to pay for ur deeds..

  5. northern now in all bad business,b4, u say Mallam is gud person Man of God time is the best,now they are nr.1 mr Satan time is the best

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