Photo: 2 Sisters Who Kidnapped Mother In Enugu To Raise Money For Her Treatment Arrested

sisters kidnapped mother to raise money

May 13, 2016 – Picture: 2 Sisters Who Kidnapped Their Mother In Enugu To Collect Money From Lagos Based Brother Arrested


We Kidnapped Our Mother To Raise Money For Her Eyes Treatment – Suspects Tell Police

Onyinyechi Achime, Akunna Achime and a male friend, Monday Egbe were yesterday paraded in Enugu for allegedly arranging the kidnap of their elderly mother in order to force her son in Lagos to release money for her treatment.

The suspect and their accomplice kidnapped their mother, Mrs Hannah Achime and used him to call their brother in Lagos to demand for N2.5 million ransom.

During back and forth negotiation, they agreed to take N500,000.

But instead of Eric Achime yielding to their demands, he told the kidnappers to eat his mother if they liked.

The suspects were caught on the second day after Eric Achime reported the number to the police.

The ailing victim has been begging the police to drop the case so her daughters could take proper care of her.

15 thoughts on “Photo: 2 Sisters Who Kidnapped Mother In Enugu To Raise Money For Her Treatment Arrested

  1. That shows that the woma’s sons shows no care for their mother which pushed her daughters to do that so for me they are not to be blamed that much they love their mum

  2. ???????????????? its a pity. I am not taking side, but its obvious the brother in Lagos doesn’t care about the mother and sisters. Nevertheless, using kidnapping method shouldn’t have bn the solution. Its a family affair.

  3. What the—?

    I have a line I follow in this case. This base ploy is all for their brother to release money for their mother’s treatment, suggesting that the guy is not that moved about his mother’s plight. Again, people are so careful not to provoke kidnappers when negotiating with them lest they kill the victim. That this guy had the guts to call their bluff straight in the face, it heavily implies that he does not care about his mother anymore. Even if he did not have the money, a man that loves his mother would not find that courage to say that to her kidnappers.

    Now, for the police not to charge this case to court, this fellow will now pay that money that he would not pay the doctor to the police.

  4. Nawao! What a heartless man…
    Shame as he don’t know d value of mumm..
    I really pity d daughter’s and i pray d police yield d plea of there elderly mumm

  5. This method is a no no for me…There are other ways of raising funds for ailing people

  6. Must it be the brother that, raises the money? The sisters themselves are able bodied so what stopped them? It is offensive that somebody who does not care a hoot about you is FORCED to pay for your welfare. Whatever little the sisters could do on their own is sufficient. I hope the law enforcement will view the matter with sympathy and allow them go take care of their mother.
    As for their misguided busybody man friend, his role in the story makes me believe all three of them have criminal tendencies.

  7. Their brother in Lagos is behaving like a ritualist. They don’t help their family in any form and relation/people don’t eat their money anyhow. He may even be the cause of his mother’s blindness. As for the sisters, una no try at all.

  8. If you are a mother on this Site, may you never give birth to a child you patiently and axiously carried for 9 good solid months of pregnancy with all the concomitants. No contraceptive, no abortion.

    After the painful but successful birth comes the nursing process of breast feeding, washing the diapers, having to waking up at middle of the night most times to attend to the baby bcos he/she is crying for only God knows what etc…

    Then when the child grows up, he or she now feels they just fell from the sky!
    They dont take care about you, nor take care of you even when you are sick? God have mercy!

    The worst is for your child to tell your supposed kinappers to eat you when its obvious he has the money to pay for your ransom and set you free. Mother? I am speechless!

    I take a stroll…

  9. Very unreasonable reason for kidnapping. If your brother does not give a danm about your mother’s sickness what makes you believe he will give a hut about her kidnapping. This type of useless son would like to spend millions of naira during his Mother’s burial but would decline to spend a dime on her sickness.

  10. Sisters you are wrong, you should have taken care of your mother in your little way if your brother did not respond to take care of his mother inside of kidnapping her.

  11. Mr. Eric Achime is a wicked son that any mother should pray never to give birth to. However, his behavior and financial mistreatment of his own mother and two sisters doesn’t give them the excuse of staging kidnapping of their own mother with the help of one jobless Monday Egbe. It shows that Eric is a very stingy man who doesn’t take proper care of his mother. The case should be discharge because it is a family matters, and the woman needs her two daughters to take proper care of her. Onyinyechi and Akunna Achime, go home in peace and sin no more. To Eric Achime, from now on, please take good care of your mother, your sisters aND for give them for that scam.

  12. That man is a fool for telling those kidnappers to eat his mother, what of if they are real kidnapper would have lose his mother b’cos his respond.

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