Photo: 4 Eiye Confraternity Cult Members Arrested For Robberies At Lagos Hotels

4 cult members arrested for robbery lagos

April 21, 2-16 – Picture: 4 Eiye Confraternity Cult Members Arrested For Robbing Lagos Hotel Lodgers

Meet the 4 suspected Eiye cult members arrested for attacking hotel guests in Lagos.

25-year-old Rahmon Sanusi, 22-year-old Muftau Jinadu, 22-year-old Kareem Idris and 25-year-old Fuad Azeez told the police they used to pose as hotel guests before swooping on lodgers to rob them.

One of the suspects narrated their modes of operation to the police.

Hear what Kareem Idris said:

“We act as if we are fighting and when people try to intervene, we turn against them and in turn rob them. We used machetes and locally-made guns for operations. After robbing the hotels, we have buyers always ready to buy the items who took from guests in the hotels.

Normally, we don’t harm the guests, but when they don’t cooperate, we hit them. Today, as I stand here, I regret my actions. Given another chance, I will not go back to robbery.”

Items recovered from the suspects include 2 live cartridges, machetes, a locally made pistol and charms.

8 thoughts on “Photo: 4 Eiye Confraternity Cult Members Arrested For Robberies At Lagos Hotels

  1. These are d same guys that robbed me in a hotel during Xmas period last yr.. U will vomit what u ve stolen 4rm me, useless guys.

  2. Your mate hustling to become someone great in life u are busy robbing people, u’re regretting now, jail is ur second chance idiot

  3. Small small boys that will use their life for something good are just wasting it for nothing. If given another chance, you will not go back to robbery because you are caught. Fools

  4. See his useless statement dat if he is given anoda chance he won’t go bak 2 robbery; dat’s exactly wot dey do say each time dey re caught..
    Be ready 2 face ur deeds bcos man ill surely reap what he or she sow.

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