Photo: 6 Money Doublers Arrested In Owerri Imo State After Duping Bizwoman Of N13Million

money doublers arrested owerri imo state

June 2nd, 2016 – Picture: 6 Money Doublers With Bags Of Fake US Dollars Arrested In Owerri Imo State For Duping Woman Of N13Million

Imo State Police officials have arrested 6 suspected money doublers who allegedly defrauded a business woman of N13milion under the guise of doubling her money.

The suspects armed with charms were arrested at the scene of the crime in Owerri with two bags containing fake US dollar notes following a tip off.

The police identified the suspects as 35-year-old Bartholomew Nkwocha from Anambra, 57-year-old Bennett Okere and 38-year-old John Arinze from Ngor Okpala Imo State,35-year-old Chioma Ebo from Obinze area of Imo State, and 39-year-old Angela Emmanuel from Aba Ngwa in Abia State.

11 thoughts on “Photo: 6 Money Doublers Arrested In Owerri Imo State After Duping Bizwoman Of N13Million

  1. We all know where the money wash wash ,hard drugs smugling,,419,Mugu don fall evolves from IPOB..
    I came here to check names,I’m not suprised at all.

  2. Greedy woman you have 13 millar and yet you gone to money doubler. what can kind of craze is that? Nigerians chai!

  3. Complete and women are present. When they are jailed may the imprisonment ters be doubled. Ye ye wicked people!

  4. What does money doubling mean? How can anyone double money? I have heard about money changers (from one currency to another, but not money doublers. Is this a legitimate business? Anything goes in Nigeria. God help us.

  5. Maybe they have been doing this for a long time now. Time up!

    But wait o… What were the women doing among the Men? Were they the ones cooking their meals while the men goes in search for victims and do the talking?

    I take stroll…

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