Photo: Fake Nurse & Lawyer Arrested In Delta State For Selling Baby To Lagos Businessman

August 8, 2016 – Picture: Fake Nurse & Lawyer Arrested  In Delta State For Selling Baby To Lagos Businessman For N500,000

The suspects identified as 43-year-old Uju Okonkwo and 64 year old Ezurum Joseph were recently picked up at their hideout in Oshimili North LGA of Delta state where they had kept 3 pregnant girls waiting to deliver.

Over the years, fake Barrister Joseph Ezurum has provided the hideouts where Uju Okonkwo was using to nurture her victims till birth and even stood as her solicitor.

The fake lawyer told police he dropped out of school because he couldn’t pass 4 courses which prevented him from attending Law School.

Since 2011 he has been defrauding unsuspecting members of the public.

3 young victims identified as 17-year-old Esther Frank, 20  year old Happiness Igwe and 19 year old Chinyere Ude were rescued on Okpanam Road in Oshimili on Saturday.

The criminals were exposed after selling a 3-month old baby to a Lagos-based businessman for N500,000. She exposed the criminals hideout to police after her arrest.

7 thoughts on “Photo: Fake Nurse & Lawyer Arrested In Delta State For Selling Baby To Lagos Businessman

  1. What a great job by the Nigerian police, a news like this makes me feel like police is your friend for real.

    Do they even think what would be the future of those kids they sold out to their Lagos businessman if they would be used for ritual purposes.

  2. THESE guys that do this kind of trade have a steel heart. The cry of a baby is like a hot knife slicing through margarine, or like the sun ray that melts ice. It is full of innocence, void of bitterness, and asks for only the simplest of human needs. And so, for any man to hear a lachrymose plea as this, yet go on to harm the baby, that is the basest, the most depraved depth of immorality to sink to; that is one convincing proof that the devil exists

  3. We may not even know how many babies this gallow-deserving idiots must have sold out to their ritualist/bussinessman but God in Heaven knows.

    But if I have my way, even the devil itself will be surprise at what I will do to these devils slaves.

    I take a stroll…

  4. What a wicked world! The problem is that, they don’t even care about what happens to the children they’ve been selling.

    Good for them and let them provide all the children they’ve sold so far.

  5. This people should be locked away for a long time. How wicked u can be, first of all u kidnapped children and made them to av babies against their wish. Secondly u now sell the babies to who knows maybe ritualist, infact ur offence are just unforgivable. Rot in jail bastards

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