Photo: Gay Lottery Agent Accused Of Sleeping With 4 Secondary School Boys In Lagos Arrested

lotto agent sleeping with boys

May 17, 2017 – Picture: Gay Lotto Agent Accused Of Luring Secondary School Boys From Facebook & Sleeping With Them Arrested In Ijesha Lagos

RRS has arrested a soccer lotto agent accused of luring boys using Facebook and sleeping with them In Ijesha area of Lagos.

He was nabbed following a complaint filed by one of the victims school.

The suspect, 39- year-old Dipo Akagba was arrested by the RSS after he was trailed and eventually caught in the act with one of the victims he stalked through Facebook.

Akagba who is fond of luring victims with the promises of mobile phones and cash gifts usually gives his victims N3000 at the end of each encounter.

After the Sodomy act, the suspect would later threaten his victims with death if they dare to expose him.

He would later block them on Facebook without giving them the promised gifts.

5 thoughts on “Photo: Gay Lottery Agent Accused Of Sleeping With 4 Secondary School Boys In Lagos Arrested

  1. I can’t believe this is happening in Nigeria, ahhh aiye! This is one of the reasons why agnostics, pagans and atheists should respect the Bible; the book of life and the law book which everyone will be judged. This satanic act will always besiege little happiness in the minds of non- sodomist.

  2. i wonder what a man derives in seeking pleasure from a fellow mans backyard.isnt that madness..I Believe he knows the outcome and the stiff penalties enshrined in the constitution .kirikiri no be night club

  3. This guy has been cursed. Why didn’t he give that #3000 to Olosho. This is why i always convince that the gay people are sick in the head. The problem associated with their behavior is more of neurological disorder. To all gay people out there, your parents have not given birth to a complete human being. They need to ask God for another child before they depart this world because if they have thousands of you, they haven’t had any children. Oh boy! you are one of devil incarnates. I’m looking at you all as a beast in human skin.

  4. He must be tasted for HIV and other STDs and those children also must be tasted before he contaminate the whole of Ijesha and Lagos.

    He is possessed and cursed. Jail and serious deliverance.

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