Photo: Nigerian Politicians Before & After Election

governor oshiomhole go and die

Nov 30, 2013 – Picture: Nigerian Politicians Before & After Election

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has exposed the common tricks used by Nigerian politicians when seeking power.

What usually happens after their reelection is what we saw in a video currently going viral in the social media when the former labour leader told a crying widow to go and die.


23 thoughts on “Photo: Nigerian Politicians Before & After Election

  1. This man has killed his political ambition and the dream of his political party in edo state ….clear matter you can hide your character but some day it will be expose shame on you the most stupid governor of the year award should be giving to you….even when you where labor president i new you where only playing trick on those nigerians who think you where fighting for them… oshomola if you not fashola you cant be fashola shame on you old man …osubor is far better than you

  2. see honorable partick obayagbo self da fool him self with oshomola na only to speak foolish big english he sabi shame on you too

  3. @NJ una no go kill me today
    This man is crazy meeen
    Oshiomhole na baba were he needs special medical attention

  4. Folks, the man overreacted because the nuisance failed to follow the law. In developed countries, the woman would get a ticket or get arrested or both. Once you break the law, prepare for the consequence.

    • I agree with you that the woman can be given ticket or fine for violating the law, but in the so call advanced countries such as USA and UK, Obama or Cameroon, or Boris Jonhson or any of the governors elected to the public office will never tell those who elected to go and die, that will be the end of such person political career.

  5. like d bible quote, not wat goes inside a man dat differs a man, but wat comes out of a man, wat a pity in our city, his words will b use against him period, he is finish

  6. Adams Oshiomele or what ever he’s being addressed is a heartless idiot and a widower, he is the one to go and die not that woman. For christ sake how can a state governor could ulter such a hostile word to a widow in tears looking forward to him to help her out, but the only help he could give her is to tell her to go and die. This act by the so called governor has depicted all the characters of our so called leaders, pls fellow nigerians, do not depend on any body for a help. Help is from only and only God. Our leaders are all fake. God help nigeria.

  7. Jesus clearly stated that,men speak out of the abundance of their hearts.The damage has already been done period.

  8. there is a saying dat don,t judge a people by d way dey look, but oshiomole hav prove dat saying wrong. as he is ugly as monkey so is his heart .

  9. Ican now see how foolish Adams Oloshi is!is just a pity that this man has finished APC as a whole and i can’t see myself voting these fools………………….!

  10. The most wicked and stupid man I have ever seen, you have killed ur political ambition like that of Ohakim, formal governor of Imo state, I hope u remembered his case when he locked up a priest, and the nemesis that followed him, i hope by 2015, u will quietly step down, don’t struggle for 2nd term because u will definitely fail, be warned.

  11. I’d been thinkn dat Hon. Pat Obaihagbon would hav unleashd on us anoda batch of his convoluted sentences by nw. Bt I’v realized Y he’s neva goin2do so: Osho is his boss. So wateva Pat would say about dis would b said in his own diary & neva 2 any journalist. Naijagist, pls try & lay hands on dat diary even if u hav 2 steal it cos I need2laf.

  12. that old picture the gov.adam look like houseboy in our house b4 my father die exactly like him or i my dreaming,maybe his twins brother.any way no body above mistake, Gov. kindly find that poor woman and beg her face to face and give her something to start life,pdp are useing her against you after all the good job you did in edo state,dont let this bring your good name down, so find the woman ask beg her. we all going to die 1 day, and all need this ever lasting place call heaven,if you want your name to be part,so do this and your name and mind will be clean.

  13. Still finding it difficult to believe that an adult can say this in public. What was he thinking? That means he says worst things privately,Na serious wa o

  14. I have said it before, they only remember the poor during election time, they claim to be humble, honest,trustworthy, kind,God fearing etc only during election and after that they will bring out their true colours, they are almost the same (90%),they are not going there to serve the masses but for their families, friends and part members, we need genuinely children of God to lead us in this country,

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