Photo Of Muslim Baby Born With Arms Raised During Ramadan Fast Break Goes Viral

baby born ramadan break time

June 23, 2016 – Picture Of Muslim Baby Born With Hands Raised During Ramadan Fast Break Goes Viral

Some said it is real, others said it is photo trick…. This is the case of a little angel born during the breaking time of Ramadan fast.

A devout Muslim man who shared this photo on the social media claimed the boy has remained this way since he was born.

This little ‘Alfa’ must have been praying from the womb.

What a cute baby!

14 thoughts on “Photo Of Muslim Baby Born With Arms Raised During Ramadan Fast Break Goes Viral

  1. I hope dis is not d way d babys hand will be all thru his life, if there is any defect let it be rectified before its too late.

  2. Mitcheeeeeeeeeeeeew! So make we all convert to islam abi? Keep deceiving urselves, the last time they came up with a false report that 104 christians converted to islam, nonsense !

  3. I think that normal baby massage will correct the situation otherwise the child won’t be able to perform basic tasks like eating or scratching his back.

  4. Jealousy Jealousy Jealousy :) :) :)

    Fine Baby, Allah Akbar

    O’Neil, yes, those number of Christians was correct. They even printed their names including video proof. Unlike recent nonsense from India or Pakistan which was reported few weeks ago that 10,000 Muslims converted to Christianity. But no video proof. Just a STILL BLURRED image they displayed.

    Anyways, I am not really concerned about who converted to what.

  5. At times l found it most unfortunate how we read meanings to nature’s way of things. We became religious slaves and ready to kill each other to satisfy God almighty. We believe that God is so helpless that needs human being to fight for him. What an illusion

  6. Hahahah! Feeble-mindedness is at full force. The baby’s hands are like this means what? They should better check to know what is wrong with those hands o.

  7. This baby won’t forgive you if he grows up and later realizes you didn’t attend to his defect but rather you were celebrating your ignorance and promoting your religion. Better act now before it’s too late. Omololmo…..God keep you jare.

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