Photo: Supporters Hired By Jonathan For 2nd Term Rally Protest Non Payment Of N2000 Head Fee

jonathan paid supporters abuja rally

Nov 12, 2014 – Picture: Supporters Hired By Jonathan For 2nd Term Rally Protest Non Payment Of N2000 Head Fee

Exposed: President Jonathan Paid Supporters To Rally For His 2nd Term Declaration

President Jonathan and his cabal have shown Nigerians that they will do anything to occupy Aso Rock for the next four years.

Yesterday, the Eagle Square in Abuja was filled to the brim with supporters hired to make face for the failed politician in a bid to prove to Nigerians that his popularity is on the rise.

According to Sahara Reporters, Over 1000 supporters rented to converge at the event yesterday protested non payment of their N2000 per head fees and the nonchalant attitude of the leaders who hired them from Maraba area of Abuja.

One of the protesters said some PDP leaders brought people from different part of Abuja to join the rally at Eagle Square with the promise of N2000 per head but at the end of the day, nobody paid them.

“They asked us to enter the bus when they came to Maraba this morning and they promised to give us two thousand Naira each and also give us food but we are very disappointed to see them running around and later disappear into the middle of the crowd and nobody come back to give any money or bring water for us to drink.”

Is this not the same PDP politician accusing APC of hiring supporters?

Yeye Dey Smell

12 thoughts on “Photo: Supporters Hired By Jonathan For 2nd Term Rally Protest Non Payment Of N2000 Head Fee

    • GEJ doesn’t know what he is doing, Others are encouraging him, but failed to tell him the truth all because of what they are benefiting from him. Anyway.

  1. Nigerians in Nigeria would not write here in this forum, Look, i bet it with anyone, if GEJ should continue to go for the second term, Nigeria is doomed. Period. My advise is that, Other person either in PDP or APC should continue as from 2015. or else, Things will fall apart in Nigeria, Many people will be killed, Many souls will be destroyed brutaly.

    • God bless you my brother many Nigerians have been brainwashed to believe that this good for nothing jonathan is doing something.
      It is only people that are truthful and bold that will speak out.
      I have nothing to lose but I just feel for my family back home. I wish to find a way to bring all of dem to stay with me here in London before all hell break lose in 2015 because Jonathan will do everything to win

  2. Nigerians should wake up from their sleeps and we should not allow all this good for nothing politicians to continue to destroy the lives of the incoming generations.

  3. serves them right for most of nigeria youths dont know the consequences of some of the actions they take we should stop selling ourselves one naira to this greedy politicians who has no plan for us

  4. Yeepaa! How can dey be so daft to fell for der lies? Pay b4 service and No credit today is d general motto of business men/women.. APRIL FOOL in November.

  5. The protesters should be investigated and let d truth unveil,if they are truly hired they should be sentenced to 10years imprisonment plus hard labour while those that hired them should be killed.This might sound ridiculous but it is the solution.There is fire on Nigeria mountain.

  6. Nigeria youths should use their brain. Why do you subject yourself to be used as political mercenary. You should have played the ball other way round.

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