Photo: Three 30 Foot Pythons Killed In Maryland Lagos

30 foot pythons maryland lagos

Oct 12, 2016 – Picture: Three 30 Foot Python Snakes Killed At Greenland Estate Mende Maryland Lagos

Above is one of the three large python killed yesterday around 8am at Greenland Estate in Mende area of Maryland Lagos.

According to witnesses, the reptiles were uncovered during a construction project being carried out by the Lagos State Government.

We gathered that the pythons were found under the overgrown canals.

Greenland Estate Vice Chairman, Sola Adekoya said over 15 of these pythons had been killed in the area this year alone.

He urged the government to send conservationists and zoologists to the area in order to properly evacuate the dangerous reptiles.

Residents of the area prefer to stay indoors at night for fear of being attacked by the pythons.

9 thoughts on “Photo: Three 30 Foot Pythons Killed In Maryland Lagos

  1. Over 15 what! And humans are still living in that area? This is very dangerous, the government need to do something as fast as possible.

  2. 15 this year alone….omenh….na python zone be that ooo….something must be done before these creatures do something nasty to people living in that vicinity

  3. I believe that some of the missing chicken, goats, dogs and even children in that Area had ended up in the belly of that long thing /reptile/s.
    May God save ur from environmental predators.

    I take a stroll…

  4. Development has forced these reptiles and most animals out of their natural habitats. They are part of God’s creation also and need to survive. We need natural conservation areas to preserve these animals from becoming extinct. But in a poverty stricken environment, all people think about is eating them up. God deliver us from poverty, amen.

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