Photo & Video: LASTMA Officer Collecting Bribe From Driver In Lagos

lastma officer taking bribe

Nov 16, 2013 – Picture & Video: Corrupt LASTMA Official Taking Bribe From Driver In Lagos

An unidentified official of Lagos State Transport Monitory Agency, LASTMA has been caught negotiating bribe with a driver.

The unsuspecting LASTMA officer was caught on tape by the driver who shared the video with Channels news.

The motorist who allegedly ran a red light offered the officer N8,000 in order to avoid getting into trouble. The officer in question took the money and later returned it on the ground that it’s insufficient for the offence.

As at the time of this report, the agency is working on identifying the corrupt official in order prosecute him accordingly.

Watch the video of the LASTMA official taking bribe below:


Fashola must see this.

3 thoughts on “Photo & Video: LASTMA Officer Collecting Bribe From Driver In Lagos

  1. These people can never change it’s like they have corruption in their blood
    even if the governor pay them more than enough, they will still collect bribe

  2. lets come to think of if it, the person who offers d bribe is fault becos he knew he had commited an offence punishable under law. If pple are ready to face d punishment of any crime commited, bribing will surely decline. U commited a crime n u offer a bribe. If i were govnor Babatnude Raji Fashola i wuld punish d person who offer d bribe. In cases like. Stella Oduah case of 255M scandal is suspended compare to 8000 naira bribe. God punish pple behind dis

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