Photos: 17-Year-Old Nigerian American Prince Chukwuka Noah Crowned As King In Delta State

nigerian american boy king delta state

Feb 21, 2016 – Pictures:17-Year-Old Nigerian American Boy, Obi Chukwuka Noah Akaeze I Crowned As King In Delta State After Kidnappers Murdered His Father

The son of late Obi Akaeze Edward Ofulue III, the traditional ruler of Ubulu Uku Kingdom in Aniocha South LGA of Delta State who was recently murdered by his kidnappers has been crowned the new king.

17-year-old Chukwuka Noah was crowned Obi Akaeze I by kingmakers yesterday in Delta State.

Chukwuka Noah

According to sources, Noah was secretly flown into Nigeria from his base in the United States of America to take over the throne of his father.

His crowning ceremony was conducted by kingmakers of Ubulu Uku kingdom yesterday.

dein of agbor 2 years oldDein of Agbor

The Dein of Agbor is the youngest crowned monarch in Nigeria. He ascended the throne of his forefathers at age 2 in 1979.

19 thoughts on “Photos: 17-Year-Old Nigerian American Prince Chukwuka Noah Crowned As King In Delta State

  1. If say I be king, I for ruling fine o. But my papa no be king. So how I want take be king? Some pipul are have luck for this world o. Small pikin wey doesn’t sabi anything. They even carry him from somewhere come. No wahala.

  2. I am also of a royal descent, and as such, I shall bestow my royal blessings upon you: May the malefactors of your father never set eyes on you! Iseeeeeee! May you be better and wiser than your father! Iseeeeeee! May your reign be punctuated by peace and prosperity! Iseeeeeee! May your footprints never be washed away by flood. Iseeeeee! May you live long! Iseeeeeeee! And may your son succeed you! Iseeeeeee!

  3. May you live long,and as the custodian of tradition and heritage may the spirit of your forefathers guide you to govern your kingdom. ase o.
    i hope that since you are from America you are security conscious and will install 24hr cctv systems in your palace and in your vehicles since what happened to your father.all hail the king.

  4. Such a huge shoes to fit in for a 15 years old boy and a very high role too
    May God watch over you as you take on this leadership..
    And may He also protect you.. It’s a very scary role for a 15 yrs old..
    Please mother keep your eyes closely to your handsome boy..

  5. Wow what a world. May God keep u and bless u. Just embrace God and u will leave to see ur children, children even to the fourth generation in Jesus name Amen. Long live the king.

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