22-Year-Old Lady Emerges As UI Best Graduating Student In Physiotherapy Dept With 1st Class Degree

22 year old lady

May 21, 2015 – Picture: 22-Year-Old Nigerian Lady Emerges As Best Graduating Student In UI (University Of Ibadan) Physiotherapy Department With First Class Honour Degree

22-year-old Miss Adetayo Adeyemo, who hails from Oyo East LGA of Oyo State, was the cynosure of all eyes at the recent induction of 19 physiotherapy graduands trained by the College of Medi­cine, University of Ibadan into the physiotherapy profession.

She emerged as the best graduating student in the Department of Physiotherapy among the five students that graduated with first class honours, comprising one male and four fe­male.

The induction, chaired by the Vice Chancel­lor, Prof Isaac Adewole, who was represented by the vice chancellor (Admin), Prof Emilol­orun Ayelari, was held at Paul Hendrickse Lecture Theatre, University College Hospital (UCH) premises, Ibadan.

Miss Ad­eyemo, spoke on the secret of her success.

According to her, “Actually, the first thing I would like to say is that it was God. I could not have made it and I don’t know how I would have made it if not for God; that was the first factor. Then, the second factor has to do with motivations from parents, family and friends. I am an advocate of excellence. I wanted excel­lence and I went for it. This was made possible by God. I am a child of God and I believe so much in God. When I was on campus, I was committed to my books, fellowship and I served God the way He wanted me to. I am a Baptist. But I attended UCH Christian Fellow­ship. At one time, I was the Evangelism Secre­tary and at another time a Sisters’ Leader. My dad is a quantity surveyor and my mummy a retired vice principal of a school.”

 “I am to proceed on internship now. Thereafter, God will take charge of my next move in life.”

Adetayo’s mother, Mrs. Juliana Adeyemo, could not hide her joy, saying: “I feel highly elated and I return all glory to God because it is not our own making. It is the making of God. It is God that has granted our baby the grace to go though the course and excel. It is our prayer that God will use this as a stepping stone for her to greater things in life.”

According to her, Adetayo has been a me­ticulous person from childhood. She explained that her daughter has been highly dedicated since she was in Nursery One. “Adetayo is very religious and she has her backing in God. She is the last child of the family of four chil­dren,” she said.

Mrs. Adeyemo disclosed that the first and second children of the family are currently Ph.D students abroad and in Nigeria, studying Chemistry and Animal Science respectively. The third child, she disclosed, is a medical laboratory scientist, who is currently serving as a youth corps member in Kwara State.

She also described her husband, Mr. Ade­bayo Adeyemo, as a disciplinarian, who would not spare the rod to spoil the child. The family, she said, worshipped at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Jabata in Oyo town.

[By Oluseye Ojo Sun Online Ibadan]

5 thoughts on “22-Year-Old Lady Emerges As UI Best Graduating Student In Physiotherapy Dept With 1st Class Degree

  1. Her future is bright if u can keep a good eye on her.
    My daughter was like her until she left for the UK to become criminal.Do not allow her to step out of the country for further education

  2. Congratulations dear. I wish you many more years of success and achievements in your career. As a parent whose last child also graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Yale University (USA) this past Monday, I know the elation that your parents are feeling, despite their humility. You shall soar higher and achieve greater, nothing good shall the God that you serve withhold from you in Jesus’ name. I wish you all that I wish my children. Remain blessed

  3. Physiotherapy is a worldwide profession,the sky is the limit outside the shores of naija

    Am a Physiotherapist so l speak from experience

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