Photos: APC Chained PDP Monkey During Rally In Benin Edo State

pdp monkey apc rally

Jan 29, 2015 – Photos: APC Chained PDP Monkey During Rally In Benin Edo State

A one of a kind monkey was put on display during APC Presidential campaign rally that held in Benin city Edo on Thursday.

The monkey was chained on the campaign stage ready to perform to APC supporters.

What a mockery!

12 thoughts on “Photos: APC Chained PDP Monkey During Rally In Benin Edo State

  1. I totally disagree with the APC i am not a politician either do i have anyone that i intend to vote for.. but APC this is a dirty politics that you are demonstrating here.. All APC leaders if u really mean well for this country ask yourself this simple questions…can this happen in America or any civilized country… APC and PDP is the same.. i am yet to see the man that i am going to cast my vote for not in APC and PDP

  2. Who is calling who monkey? Is APC really different from PDP? How? Tell us how? Mockery is a child’s play. No sane mind who take you guys seriously.

  3. APC should not forget that Ebola is still in Africa with the introduction of money in campaign arena
    or that have forgotten that its a carrier.

  4. they all preach the vision and latter leave the mission….i’m yet to see that Luther King jnr. ,that Mandela kind of a man I will thumb print to vote for.
    Long live Nigeria.

  5. There z no sense in this. Lack of wisdom is a serious disease. Though nt all dt surprise, monkey n fulani wch gt sense pass? Same bush animals

  6. Dammy God bless you.APC should not bring Ebola back with this their monkey drama and moreover this has spiritual implication even as I am not PDP supporter.

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