Photos: Apostle Suleman Visits Adeboye At RCCG Camp In A Desperate Move To Redeem His Image

suleman visits adeboye

April 10, 2017 – Pictures: Apostle Johnson Suleiman Visits Pastor Adeboye At RCCG Redemption Camp In A Desperate Move To Redeem His Image

Papa The Oracle is now running from pillar to post in a desperate bid to redeem his already battered image following a sex scandal allegation leveled against him by Canada-based Stephanie Otobo .

Few days after Otobo released her bank statement showing huge deposits from Suleman, the Auchi-based eloquent preacher has ran to RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye in a bid to align himself with him.

Former Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko and Pastor Mrs Foluke Adeboye were with Daddy GO when Suleman came without prior notice on Saturday.

Adeboye reportedly prayed for him in front of everyone but the duo never had a closed-door meeting.

See photos…

Suleiman later took to the social media to share the photos with Nigerians. #sekarimi thingz

27 thoughts on “Photos: Apostle Suleman Visits Adeboye At RCCG Camp In A Desperate Move To Redeem His Image

  1. It is a pity that you Nigerians can believe anyone who call himself pastor.
    To me this guy is a 419 scam artist, he is no pastor and if he has laid hand on you, you need deliverance period

    • @Funsho,
      Who made you a judge, How d’you know whose fake or real…? Abeg, make we leave judgement to God.

  2. ***** @funsho. I almost think of suicide after looking for a child for 10 years.but just one day I attended his crusade, that same month I got pregnant.he didn’t even see me let alone lay hands on me.yet I received my miracle

    • God had already perfected it and destined that in that month you will have the fruit of the womb. Not this scammer who calls himself pastor’s doing.
      All your prayers before going there had already been answered way back. TRUST ME.
      This guy is a bloody liar.

    • my sister its your turn to get blessed. even if you dont go there you will still pregnant so many have been there and it was no show till date. God will protect your children..

  3. all fake pastors . so the calling is bowing down for another man of God . Nigerians please wake up and stop giving this lazy criminals your money. trust me pray at home and read your bible your prayers will be answered

  4. @Joy it has bn destined that, that month is your month. No hating and am not judging, not all that call me God will enter the kingdom of the Lord.

  5. Haters will hate him…. Mongers will keep on spreading fake rumours and yet he is still moving higher,,,,,,

    • I don’t know how so people still associate themselves with this man after everything. The evidences are so clear. This is just brainwashing in the highest order.

      • u are not God…
        Leave judgement for God… and learn how not to speak against men of God even if they are fake or something.

  6. Can’t stop laughing at dz. Wetin lost wey u dey find Mr Suleiman.. That doesn’t stop all d drama going on in your life.. Please don’t drag Baba into your mess o.. Na real shekarimi tinz

  7. But why? daddy GO is not God, he needs to go to God and repent. Call that lady (otobo or whatever her name is) to restitute.

  8. Right from the day 1 of this scandal. This lady Otobo has been consistent in her testimony. She has been coming with a lot of evidence upon hard evidence and this man Apostle Suleiman has nothing to say. This man could have at least submit his passport for investigations. The recent bank statement has proven it beyond reasonable doubt that this Apostle has been lying about his sexual encountered with Otobo. Stephanie may be prostitute agreed, but she is better off lying Pastor.

    Some of his followers are just being naive to the extent they refused to see the truth of this case. If this Apostle is caught sleeping with their wives, they are ready to defend him and blame their wives instead. This is pure insanity. If you watch the youtube video where Stephanie mother visited Apostle Suleiman Church begging him to leave her daughter alone, you can see guilty conscience all over his face. Action speaks louder than voice, he was not even bold enough to address that woman properly. That woman went there on behalf of her daughter just to protect her because she knew the kind of Country we live in. Any concern mother would have done what that woman did to protect her daughter not that she didn’t know that relationship happened.

    Look at the bank statement and see how Church money was being dole out to pay for prostitution and you call this man a man of God! The girl had enough money to the extent that she told him, I don’t need your money no more. I don’t even know how he get huge money to waste like that. To some people this is not a big deal but to be honest with you all, he has committed the most atrocious sin if he truly impregnated that girl and gave her abortion drink to kill innocent baby. “Thou Shall not kill” this Pastor may be acting smart now but one thing I’m sure of is, he may not be immune from God’s punishment.

    • God bless you, I dont trust that man , u need to watch the latest on you tube where the lady called her mum and the mother confirmed it but she was begging her daughter to forget about it.

  9. I t baffles me the way our so called fellow Christians talk without reasoning. We are always in a haste to talk ill about our fellow Christians. Muslims rarely do that. Rather they take their own home to caution them. By the way, who told you that it is unto you to pass judgement?. If at the end of the day, this man is found innocent, how would you feel about your utterance. I pity so many people on this platform. If we begin to open our individual lives here, a lot of us will be counted not worthy of commenting here, but because nobody seems to know what is eating us secretly, hence we feel like a saint. May God have mercy on us. As for Prophet Johnson Suleiman Sir, if you are innocent of this Accusation, God will vindicate you. It will only take time but don’t give up. Your going to Papa, shows that you are still human being that feels pain. At least you ran to a higher person and recognized that you need a higher spiritual person that can extend his spiritual shoulder you can lean on. You did not run to a native doctor . There is nothing you do that people will not talk either favourably or negatively about.On the other side if there is anything you are not telling us, please make haste and clear yourself. May God help you as you go through this in Jesus name.

    • Sorry dear you did not finish your message….”and if he is guilty”…
      There are somethings men of God should not be associated with, my dear. This is one of them. It is quite disappointing when men of God don’t practice what they preach.

  10. Nigerians be careful when it come to response regarding men of God otherwise… God hears and he sees he knows those that are his, therefore it is not our right to tag any man of God when you are not sure. Can you stand before God to defend your comments? if not do not castigate men of God please.
    God Bless you

  11. @ joyful,God has already destined that month of the year for ur visitation concerning the fruit of the womb. cos the word of God said that HE…God maketh everything beautiful at His time.

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