Photos: Baby Boy Born With One Eye And No Nose In Egypt

baby born with one eye egypt

Oct 6, 2015  – Pictures: Baby Boy Born With One Eye, Without Nose In Egypt

Doctor Says Mother Exposed Pregnancy To Radiation

Check out this heartbreaking photos of an Egyptian baby born with a strange birth defect doctors called Cyclopia.

He was delivered at a clinic in El Senbellawein town on Sunday.

According to the doctors supervising his condition, his deformity was caused by radiation exposure in the womb.

one eyed baby egypt

Dr Ahmed Badruddin said babies with such condition die days after birth.

14 thoughts on “Photos: Baby Boy Born With One Eye And No Nose In Egypt

    • Actually he was a fetus that was dis-formed in his mother’s womb from radiation caused by disgusting humans, he was a living being.He was unique and wonderful.

  1. He is NOT a monster, and he is NOT scary. He is a BABY! It’s a shame that these babies rarely get treated like human beings. I’ve seen a video of one crying. I could tell that he wanted to be held and loved, but all the doctors and nurses did was poke his belly.

  2. That is The arrival of DAJJAL the one eyed man to Call himself God. this is the real sign of the end time

  3. he look beautiful to me .he look amazing but he is go. when a new baby like him come on earth and bron treat him right then god will treat you right. love like you love your kids. im 12 in the 7# and i tall you to be nice

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