Photos: Check Out Dele Momodu’s Wife & Children

dele momodu family

April 24, 2014 – Pictures: Ovation Publisher Dele Momodu’s Wife And Children

Check out these adorable photos of Ovation magazine publisher Dele Momodu and his family members.

The popular magazine publisher just shared the pics of his beautiful wife, Mrs Mobolaji Momodu and his 4 kids, Pekan, Yole, Eniafe and Korewa.

His boys are all grown up. I hear they shuttle between Ghana and London.

See more pics below:

Dele Momodu’s wife fine o…..the man get eyes for fine babes.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Check Out Dele Momodu’s Wife & Children

  1. He is not obese. Is a lie, dat is his nature, he will out grow it, i had one like him. Highly inteligent, more focus dan his seblings. Infact a star in his school. He dont need any diet, his hight in future, will authomatically dry d fatness. Its normal in som kids.

  2. waoh….. speachless….. what a lovely family Dele Momodu has. mehnnnnnnnn i envy this woman ooooooo. mama awon boys. please if u have girls go and buy dog o cos the boys are coming ooooooo.
    God bless ur home Dele

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