Photos: Corpse Of RCCG Deaconess Murdered By Muslim Youths Litters Abuja Street, Cousin Protests

RCCG Deaconess murdered abuja

July 11, 2016 – Pictures: Dead Corpse Of RCCG Deaconess, Female Preacher Murdered By Muslim Youths Litters Abuja Street, Cousin Protests In Ibadan

The cousin of Deaconess Eunice Mojisola Olawale took to the streets of Ibadan today to protest the brutal murder of his sister in Abuja on Saturday by some extremists.

Here are some photos from the scene of Eunice Olawale’s murder.

corpse female preacher murdered abuja

This is the young man seen on the streets of Ibadan with the poster of the deceased preacher

Those who saw her said she has a deep cut on the right side of her head and neck.

This is contrary to what police told reporters in Abuja yesterday.

Police claim the deceased has no marks of violence on her body.

Hmmm Police is indeed our friend.

33 thoughts on “Photos: Corpse Of RCCG Deaconess Murdered By Muslim Youths Litters Abuja Street, Cousin Protests

  1. This is very wrong. The so called “imam” lacks wisdom to disperse the woman from disturbing them. What happens to dialogue?. What happens to Islamic moral conduct?. Did he forget that?.

    Considering the state of the country especially NORTH, he should not have ordered the Youths to disperse the woman while there is 80% chance it could be deadly. This pretty much looks like a movie titled “Aditu Isokan”


    • You must be outta your mind for comparing this violent scene to a movie, are you insane… who is this f**lish ba**ard

      • @Peju Oyemetu please do not be mad at Amanda. She is just trying to sympathize with the victim family just like any other sympathizers in this forum. I quite understand as a Christian you will be emotional disturbed. No right minded Muslim will support this unjust killing. I have heard a lot of Muslims condemning this coward act. If Abuja must remain the capital of Nigeria, I guess all religions must be allowed to flourish. Abuja suppose to be a City where all people regardless of their religion should be protected by law. If we cannot practice our individual religion, then we might as well bring our capital back to Lagos. Enough of these senseless killing. That Imam must be brought to justice. He has no right to chase anybody out from any part of Abuja. I’m sick and tired of people acting as if they are still living in Stone Age. Please don’t let us create an hostile environment for ourselves. We shall continue to grow as an indivisible nation regardless our religion belief.

        • I totally disagree with you on the point that no right minded Muslims will support such…..Are the boko harams not right minded Muslims?? Was Osama bin Laden not a right minded Muslim??? What about ISIS, are they not right minded Muslims??? Are the Muslims creating havocs all over the world not right minded Muslims??? Abeg spare me the excuse. For your information this is one of the reasons why Nigeria can never be one. The deed has been done, May the soul of the woman rest in peace.

          • @ Yomi, i totally agree with you. Is**m is Barbaric and Satanic, its only a religion of Blood Thirty demons that will kill an innocent woman like that. DONAL TRUMP has said it all that ISLAM is the Problem of the WORLD and he is very correct. Nigeria is not ONE and Can never be one, God is a Perfect Creator if wanted Nigeria to be One, he would have created it like Germany,Britain, Italy. But the British Joined Nigeria by Force, not considering the Tribal difference, Religious Difference, they only considered the British Interest. The Northern Part of Nigeria see the South (West, East and south South) as a Colony given to them as a Piece of Chocolate Cake. Can two work together, unless they agree. Nigeria is not a NATION and cannot make Progress the Way Nigeria is Now.

  2. The Middle East is the most peaceful part of the world–in short, it is heaven on earth, because Islam means Peace.

  3. Now they hv done their worst by killing d flesh, not her soul, because I believed her soul is resting in d Lord till d day of resurrection!! But those that think they are serving their God by killing, let them continued in d suffering of this present world! I know our God is a God of judgment whether bad or God every one shall received their reward! I also commensurate with d family of d deceased may d good Lord comfort them continued RIP!!

  4. Hmmmn, we are just crying for nothing, dis preacher is In d bossom of CHRIST now, she is in paradise, what a lucky soul, her killers are d one dat should be crying, bcos dia situation will be worst dan judas iscariot, as 4 d woman, she is among d saved ones, she died for Christ,

  5. She is one boko haram‘s agent like that on NG who has never seen anything bad about her boko harams brothers. @ Peju.

    She‘s ready to hype on anybody who dare say anything bad about her occultic religion of terrorists and her demonic blood thirsty nonentities called ******* faithfuls.

    May Deaconess Eunice rest with the Saints and holy Angels till we meet again.
    May God console the lovely family she left behind.

    I take a stroll…

  6. Yet they say islam is a religion of peace. I really don’t know what happen,may the soul of the departed continue to rest in peace


  8. @ Peju Oyemetu.. Haba! How could u just insult sm1 like dat. all Amanda did was to air her views on d issue. This is a platform where people could speak their mind. Let us b more gentle with our words mostly wen it’s meant to correct. Thod act is barbaric and unwelcomed development, let’s not act foolishly or retort violently. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  9. A woman was beheaded in Kano because she toll a man doing alwalla in front of her shop to shift away. A young Christian man was stab in Kaduna and few weeks he died because he was eating during the Ramadan fasting (A Christian). Now this woman was kill because she was preaching closer to the mosque. For God sake in the capital city of Nigeria. Which kind of God/god that would tell you to kill someone because he or she dose not practice the same religion with you? And someone would have the guts to say that Islam is a religion of peace!! What dose peace mean to you please? For God sake and no one want to face the reality, despite we are seeing all of these things! Please Nigerians, it’s time to face the fact than shying away from it. God Bless Nigeria!#R.I.P Mr. Mojisola Alawale Elijah#

  10. It is so sad that this has happened – in fact they just killed Jesus christ body – because she ( Eunice ) preached about her saviour – even if you do not agree with the message she preached – you had NO right to brutally murder her ! you could have asked her to go – Now you have her blood on your hands (who murdered her) Its a sad day in this world – and I feel so sorry for the family – especially her husband – You all must know that murderers will go to hell and burn there forever – while this brave little sister will spend eternity in heaven because she was not ashamed to preach the gospel – May the sinners regret their vicious crime – and repent of their evil deed- Thank you dear Eunice Olawale rest in peace – and may God send the Holy Spirit to comfort and help those who loved her and are in mourning because of this tragedy – Great is your reward in the heavens –

  11. That so called imam should be stone to death. How can u sent youths not 1 or 2 for an errant like this knowing fully well d situation in dis country. Deaconess Eunice is now resting with d Lord . How about u ? I deserve to be stone to death ,cos if u live , u may cause more havoc . Agent of darkness we know u all. RIPP with the Lord Ma, for d family u left behind , d good Lord we serve will continue to guide, protect, and shield them IJMN .

  12. A philosopher once said- religion is the opium of the masses.
    Whether xtian,islam,chintoism,judaism oo. All na same.

  13. NOBODY has the right to take the life of a fellow human on the basis of religion or any other basis

  14. Honestly I still don’t understand why some in this forum don’t allow others to speak there mind. In a place like this you should expect people to say things that you will laugh at,you should expect people to say things that will enrage you. This is not a forum for fighting or argument. Let’s learn to tolerate other people`s opinion and comment here please!

  15. OMG!!! Which kind of god will tell you to kill someone that is not practicing the same religion with you? Does the peace in your religion mean you should kill others for your god’s sake? Let us all think about our tomorrow, whatever anybody sows, so shall it reap, whether good or bad, anyone that kills shall surely be killed and their generation unborn shall surely suffer for it IJN. May our dear Deaconess Eunice Mojisola Olawale soul rest in perfect peace, she has finished her race, may Almighty God grant her eternal rest IJN. May God give the family she left behind the fortitude to bear the lost and give them beauty for ashes IMNJ. I take a stroll…

  16. I am proud of this woman. She died like the apostles in the new testament. Died in active service while poclaiming the gospel.The devil hates hearing the gosple especially the name of Jesus. God allowed this happened for a reason. My prayers are with the family. Woman you are a saint.

  17. I am proud of this woman. She died like the apostles in the new testament. Died in active service while poclaiming the gospel.The devil hates hearing the gosple especially the name of Jesus. God allowed this happened for a reason. My prayers are with the family. Woman you are a saint.

  18. @Big Gee, I love your comment. But while we comfort ourselves with that fact, we cannot deny another fact that it is so painful that a harmless soul should be made to exit this earth in that manner. And to add to this pain, some people would go to the media to broadcast that Islam is peace. This is grave disregard and cavalier treatment of people’s feelings.

    • Metu ure right, as humanbeing it is painful especially to d family, but what can we do, GOD can send fIre to devour those killers during theIr evil exercise but HE didn’t, GOD av a reason/purpose in every human life, maybe dats her own destiny to have eternal life with GOD just like other matyrs in CHRIST, she is definitely a saved soul no doubt about dat, but my prayer is for GOD to comfort the family, to make them understand that IT IS WELL WITH THEIR SOUL, AMEN.

  19. I really don’t like Muslims at all bcos their heart are full of evil .Rest in peace woman of God

  20. police can never change whhhhhhhaaaaaat.,,,,dis is absolute tribalism on the the side of police.,,, to see white and say is black.,,why would they say that the woman never had a cut of violence on her body? i mean is really crazy hear dat frm them.

  21. Is all rung to take another life in the name of religion. We must all condemn it.from Promise Nwokohu.

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