Photos: Dead Nigerian Guy Wakes Up In India 14 Hours After Doctors Certified Him Dead

nigerian guy wakes up dead 14 hours india

June 17, 2017 – Photos: Dead Nigerian Guy Wakes Up From Region Of The Dead In India As Corpse Was Heading To Nigeria

  • Nigerian Guy Who Died In Australia Wakes Up 14 Hours Later In India As Corpse Was Being Ferried To Nigeria
  • Dead Nigerian Guy Wakes Up In India 14 Hours After Doctors Certified Him Dead. Read Family Testimony

A Nigerian man identified as John Samuel aka Pastor Sammy has woke up from the region of the dead in far away India.

According to one of his Facebook friends, Purity Ochondu Chika, Samuel died of heart complication in Australia on Tuesday the 13th of June 2017 days after some doctors rejected him in India due to low chance of survival.

After his death in Australia, his corpse was air lifted out of Australia.

However a miracle happened 14 hours after his death as he woke up in India while in transit to Nigeria.

The brother of the deceased also shared a powerful testimony on Facebook. Check it out…

What a powerful testimony!!!

20 thoughts on “Photos: Dead Nigerian Guy Wakes Up In India 14 Hours After Doctors Certified Him Dead

  1. This is miraculous indeed. Praise be to God on high and on earth peace to men of good will. This is worth celebrating.

  2. Why was his dead body flown to India if he had been confirmed dead in Australia? No so smooth fabrication!

  3. Powerful testimony ,I tapped onto this miracle for my nephew .Also for everything that are dead in my life to resurrect in the mighty name of Jesus.

  4. Nice observation @ Danti. India rejected him and referred him to the hospital in Australia and the hospital in Australia certified him dead, why was his body flown back to the Indian hospital? even if the return ticket was routed through India, not to the hospital where he was put in the mortuary. There are holes to be picked in this story. Anyway, if it is true, Glory be to God.

  5. No be today we dey hear all this one.. Tomorrow they go post banner for crusade. The man who rose again from the death….

  6. I believe in miracles but this story is hard to believe. The internal organs in a dead person’s body are removed to preserve it from decaying fast. How could the “body” be transported without the proper procedure, once certified dead? Why wasn’t a post-mortem done to determine the cause of death? If he died at home, it could have been possible, but in a hospital, the post mortem is essential to write cause of death on the death certificate. If true, then his name is “Kokumo”, that is, refuse to die.

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