Photos: Dino Melaye Tours Emeka Ike’s New TV Station In Abuja

emeka ike tv station abuja

April 22, 2017 – Pictures: Dino Melaye Tours Emeka Ike’s New TV Station In Abuja

Nollywood actor Emeka Ike who was recently dumped by his wife of many years is on the move.

The single father of four lovely children is now a proud owner of a new TV station named Nollywood TV in Abuja.

He took “Ajeku Iya Ni Oje” crooner, Dino Melaye on tour of the newly completed TV station yesterday.

emeka ike tv station abuja

Emeka Ike said fans will be able to watch his new TV channel on Startimes and TSTV soon.

Congrats to him.

11 thoughts on “Photos: Dino Melaye Tours Emeka Ike’s New TV Station In Abuja

  1. Emeka is looking great! God bless your hustle. AMEN!

    Dino Maleye “ajeku iya ni yo je..eni ti o toni na, ton dena deni, ajeku iya ni yo je!”

  2. So great to see Emeka Ike isn’t fat! Alot of those Nollywood actors/actresses when they nake serious money, they over-eat. Im so happy he looks presentable and great.

  3. Emeka has really emaciate, it is not easy for someone wife to wake up one day and say no more, a wife of so many years.bro Continue doing yours things u will come over it soon, i know u did all u can to bring her back, but she will regret it later in life, this your TV station is your stating point. Dont stop dreaming

  4. Two controversial pple, na so Dino go do gra gra when shara reporters open their own media house, he went on a tour Der, today nkor? Na d same pple don d fyt am.

  5. I am also having a dream to be opening of TV station. But if Emeka Ike can show me where he thief the money to be opening his own TV station, I can also going there to thief my own so that I can posibulment of opening my own TV station.

  6. Congrat Bros Emeka! I always feel you. Do not mind that your runaway wife, na she go regret the show. Do not marry another woman that will rubbish those great gifts God has given you. I love you and your children.

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