Photos: Doris Simeon On Movie Set In London

doris simeon movie london

June 22, 2016 – In Pictures: Doris Simeon On Movie Set In London

The actress who left Nigeria over the weekend is now on the set of an upcoming movie in London.

Though she is yet to release detail information, she however promised to keep her fans up to date as events unfold.

Here are the latest photos of the Edo-born actress

8 thoughts on “Photos: Doris Simeon On Movie Set In London

  1. I am happy for this lady. She seem to have finally shook off all the shackles of life brought to her by her irresponsible and philander former husband. Orchestrated by that husband snatcher called Stella Damasus whom I believe is not having half the good time Doris is currently enjoying at the moment.

    Doris, pls keep it up, the Lord is your strenght.

    I take a stroll…

    • Please allow both parties to be ,I know in Nigeria when couples divorce it is easy to start blaming either the husband,wife or the snatcher.In reality is it possible for a husband to leave his lovely wife for a snatcher if at all he has not been estranged by the so called lovely wife.A woman should know how to keep his husband period .As the saying goes,except there is a crack in the wall ,the lizard can never have its way.So next time you want to throw a fault,blame not the snatcher rather the “snatchee”.

  2. @ Konga, what exactly are you insinuating? Who told you they seperated? Get your facts right before you start an argument you cannot back up by salient points.

    Must every misunderstanding in the home leads to seperation? Its not every cracks either that the Lizards enters take note. Therefore, dont be so desperate looking for a problem in another person‘s home in order to snatch either the wife or the husband.

    I take a stroll…

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