Photos: Dr Chris Uzoh, Married Nigerian Doctor Suspended For Sending Flirty SMS To Female Patient

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June 1st, 2017 – Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh, Married Nigerian Doctor Caught Sending Flirty Text Messages To Female Patient In UK Suspended

An experienced Nigerian physician who is just about to relocate to Toronto Canada has been suspended from his job in the UK after he allegedly sent unsolicited flirty messages to a female patient.

In a series of love confession SMS, Dr Chizoba Christopher Uzoh aka Chris Uzzi sent between March and May of last year, he said:

The female patient who obviously got enough replied him with:

At a point he sent flowers accompanied with love cards to her address with a note where he described himself as an handsome guy with huge earning potential.

When the lady didn’t respond on time, obviously frustrated Dr Uzoh wrote:

dr christopher chizoba uzoh

At this point, the patient reported him to NHS England who  later summoned him and gave him 12 months suspension.

Dr Chris Uzoh who graduated from UI with Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Medicine and Surgery in 2002 is happily married with two adorable kids, a boy and a girl. His wife and children are based in Toronto.

The 40-year-old doctor is the author of one of Amazon bestsellers fiction novel “The Sectarist: The Next Era”.

It is obvious he wanted to use his position to take advantage of one of his female patients.

Hopefully “Dr Chris the lover boy” has learnt his lessons.

3 thoughts on “Photos: Dr Chris Uzoh, Married Nigerian Doctor Suspended For Sending Flirty SMS To Female Patient

  1. Hihihihihih lover boy indeed. Dr u sound so peotic in ur love messages. Good luck as u enjoy ur undesired break!

  2. they should have suspended his license. He is a serial cheat that deserve a lifetime pain

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