Photos: Drunk Nigerian Police Officer Caught At Surulere Lagos Bus Stop

nigerian police drunk lagos

March 5, 2015 – Pictures: Drunken Nigerian Policeman Spotted At Surulere Lagos Bus Stop

He was paid to protect lives but sadly, he’s got his own problems.

A heavily drunk policeman was spotted early Thursday morning at a popular bus stop in Surulere area of Lagos.

The unidentified police officer in his official uniform was caught by passersby today at Cele bus stop in Odo Eran in a very drunken and helpless state.

Eyewitnesses who snapped these pictures say the man was so drunk that he could barely walk.

They say he attempted to get back up but he ended up on the ground several times.

This happened around 8:45am today.

See more photos below:

The policeman is in another world entirely. It is funny in a way.

17 thoughts on “Photos: Drunk Nigerian Police Officer Caught At Surulere Lagos Bus Stop

  1. What do you expect when bribe proceeds are involved, i pray that he will realize himself and give his life to Jesus Christ.

  2. He is not drunk this is the nature of police work , oya haters start complaining.

  3. This is a disgrace of the already bastardized uniform. if this punk is drunk at 8:45am in the morning, what will happen at 4:00pm in the afternoon. This fool has serious issues. He needs to be stripped of that uniform and face disciplinary actions. This is a very sad situation. Our law enforcement system is on a downward spiral. Something needs to be done very fast or we all are in trouble.

  4. The picture suppose to be forwarded to Nigeria police headquarter in Lagos. He supposed to be dismiss immidiately

  5. Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging… Imaging if happened in one of the Boko Haram enclaves, what would they do to this man?

  6. Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging… Imaging if this is one of the Boko Haram en laves, what would they do with c this man?

  7. Sad, disgraceful, bastard, unbelievable and horrible. Is this not that same police officer who dragged that young boy on the ground. Is not drunk is mental health disorder. Bribery and corruption money is dealing with his life now. The earlier he run to church the better for his life or else he will be dead soon or remain in that street for the rest of his life or become blind for ever. Lets all hope he sees this photos.

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