Ebube Nwagbo, Rukky Sanda & Oge Okoye In Bikinis

ebube nwagbo in bikini

Oct 1st, 2013 – Ebube Nwagbo, Rukky Sanda & Oge Okoye Flaunt Bikini Bodies

Nollywood posh babe Ebube Nwagbo recently joined her colleagues Oge Okoye and Rukky Sanda for a night out in bikini after a hard working session.

The three best friends were spotted by the pool side showing off their tattoos while chatting.

Nollywood sources revealed that the trio who had become best friends in the past few months decided to treat themselves to fun after the much planned premiere of  Rukky Sanda’s movie, Keeping My Man that held last week.

rukky sanda oge okoye bikini

Naija babes now copying oyinbo lifestyle… na wa o

13 thoughts on “Ebube Nwagbo, Rukky Sanda & Oge Okoye In Bikinis

  1. Group of lesbians glorifying lesbianism. i thought Oge is a married woman . Moreso ,i thought you are having quiet moment , why must it be published as a national advert. These girls are bush girls, when person no see wealth before and con jam one , na so den dey behave . no blame u . if you want to copy oyinbo , go and read how den dey do am . okrika

  2. I thought diz girls r responsible ‘ gush” beauty iz nt about exposing urselves like diz ooooo! Which responsible man do u fink da would propose 2 u gurls like diz? Gush! I really dis-appointed in all of u! Shit!!

  3. The way we talk about others who did us no wrong or know about shows how bitter and cheated we feel about life,especially when they are innocent.is really shameful,maybe that’s why some will say I wish i can back what I just said.

  4. hey wetin concern una with what d r doing? abi na jealousy? diz 3 ladies r just hving fun afta work ( according to d artical) did de xpose dia private parts? did u c dem kissing so as to konfam dat dey r lesbians? why r u kriticising dem? as if most of una no d wear rags n kall it clothes? am nt in support of dia dressing code bt if u r going 2 kriticize dem, den u should also kriticize ya selves
    p.s do nt criticize baselessly

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