Photos: Family Of Murdered Abuja Preacher Gets Courtesy Visit From Dolapo Osinbajo

dolapo osinbajo visits family of murdered preacher

July 10, 2016 – Pictures: Family Of Murdered Abuja Preacher Gets Courtesy Visit From VP’s Wife Dolapo Osinbajo

VP Osinbajo’s wife today paid a visit to the family of Pastor Olawale, a Redeemed Pastor whose wife was brutally murdered in Kubwa area of Abuja yesterday.

Mrs Osinbajo visited the bereaved family to encourage the widower and the 7 children of the deceased. See photos…..

May God comfort this grieving family.

15 thoughts on “Photos: Family Of Murdered Abuja Preacher Gets Courtesy Visit From Dolapo Osinbajo

  1. The action of this Islamic cleric and his boys is never a surprise to anybody who reads and understand the Holy Bible. Think about the story of Stephen’s death and what lead to the conversion of Paul.

    The second coming of Jesus is near.

    It is so painful, but the good thing is this particular woman killed is with JESUS (God) in heaven right now. May the Almighty God console the family.

  2. This is very sad, this is the peak of religion intolerance in a circular nation like ours. The brutal killing of a female preacher for no other reason than execersing her religion belief can only happens in a lawless nation. Religion right is God given right and freedom to every human being to practice any religion of their choice. It is the duty of the government to protect this sacred right for all citizens regarding of their religion, tribe, culture, and language. Those Boko Haram terrorists and the bloody fantastic should face death penalty. Those that are involved in the horrible crime against a woman of faith should pay the same price. We will be watching the outcome of the court proceedings and the ultimate judgement against these animals killing for their blood drinking gods. Tell me, what manner of gods do these animals worship? What is so peaceful about this religion of intimidation, intolerance, war, and killing? And why are they fighting for their dead and wicked god instead of their blood thirty god fighting on their behalf. I want to personally thank that great woman of virtue-Mrs Osinbajo for taking time out to visit the husband and children of the deseased. This is so shameful, killing an innocent woman for no other reason than preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior-Christ Jesus in our capital city. What a nation! These animals have no respect for human lives- they can kill infants, babies, woman, pregnant women, unarmed man, and anyone who doesn’t believe in their religion of hatred, intolerance, war, and destruction. I am very saddened by this ugliest incident.

  3. This is so heart-breaking. I cannot bear the pain and agony on the faces of the husband and children. May the holy spirit comfort them and fill the vacuum her demise has left. As for you the killers – shame on you! She was proclaiming the gospel, obeying the command of her Creator and died screaming BLOOD OF JESUS so she is in a better place. You will never know peace again until you exit this world. Know also that as a result of this evil deed, your destination after this world is hell unless you repent and ask for forgiveness.

  4. So the offence of this innocent woman was bcos she was heard preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ around that their shrine called a musque?

    Chai… What sorts of demons are these for BADNESS SAKE? Ok, what about them that will always wakes everybody up every morning at exactly 4:00am with that their cacophonious demonic cry day in day out in the name of prayer?

    This is so painful cos‘ it is coming almost immediately after the Kano‘s incident, talking about the blessed Mrs. Bridget, another pastor‘s wife again.

    Muslims are the only malignant CANCER we have all over the World today. I think its high time we put them where they really belong.

    If it were an iman‘s wife that was killed thus, a great riot would have broken that will in turn lead to the deaths of so many innocent people even in states that incident did not happen.

    Sometimes too much quietness could be mistaken for cowardice.

    Gentility plus Timidity minus Ruggedity and Brutality equals to nonentity in captivity.

    Christian need to wake up from slumber. The Isrealites are God‘s special chosen people BUT they are also great FIGHTERS.
    Christians are becoming too cold for my liking. We dont expect the Angels to come down from heaven and pull the triggers or wade the swords for us. We are children of the Kings allowing all these uncircumcised GENTILES to molest and intimidates us. We are disappoiting God.


  5. I,tried, everybody cant be Muslims, they must be Religion, Tribe, Cultural and race tolerance in so call naija, if not let us go our seperate ways,i said this many times,this force marriage of no love for over 100ys,can have divorce.cos we yoruba have Christians, Muslims and Tradition belives in every Yoruba families,we dont kill each other for what.let God chioce who will enter heaven,u dont give life u cant take life for what,intolerance of other belives is very bad.

  6. Now in the face of the spate of killings of christians recently in our country,one would therefore be forced to ask that what has our president said so far concerning this heinous killings committed by this radical extremist group? Nothing! He has so far said nothing! A single word from him condemning this unjust act openly is enough to console the christian populace that he detest this senseless act of violence committed by “some” empty headed ones who learn nothing while in there place of worship.

  7. The lady is matyred for practicing her faith. Even in death she has proved that the message she preached hit home and made uneasy these evil men hence their targeting and killing her although she was not armed with anything more than “THE WORD OF GOD”. May the perpetrators of this evil act never sleep again for the truth you preached will forever haunt them.
    May God Almighty console your family and give rest to your soul.

  8. If the grief in my heart, a common sympathizer, is this heavy; is this dark, I wonder what is happening to this family right at this very moment. The only consolation here is that this woman died doing the Lord’s work, and for that, her death is but a portal to eternal bliss. Blessed assurance, heaven is hers!

    As for us who are still alive, we remain in Nigeria, enduring a country where justice largely depends on whose ox is gored. And here, we continue to be enslaved, dominated, intimidated and ladened by the three mendacious platitudes of:

    1) Police is your friend
    2) Nigeria is one, and the most shocking of them all,
    3) Islam is peace.

  9. This is too heart breaking,looking at those innocent and young children she left behind, I feel as if I should be d judge in charge of this case. I will start from d foolish Imam by passing on death by mutilation, then to d youths death by hanging.
    But the purnishment God will give them at the end of the day I know will be greater, bcos for sure its hell straight.
    Mrs Osinbajo pls, pls and pls its not just about visitation, I hope schorlarship for all d children is already in place till university level.

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