Photos: Genevieve Nnaji On Vacation In South Africa

genevieve nnaji vacation south africa

August 28, 2014 – Pictures: Genevieve Nnaji On Vacation In South Africa

Nollywood beauty Queen Genevieve Nnaji is silently enjoying her summer vacation in far away Cape Town in South Africa.

Nollywood sources disclosed that the mother of one left the shores of Nigeria one week ago.

Here are some photos of Genny chopping life quietly in South Africa.

Genevieve Nnaji on the bed in her hotel room

7 thoughts on “Photos: Genevieve Nnaji On Vacation In South Africa

    • why dry? Most she be with somebody. Even PAUL said its better to stay alone if you can control yourself. Pleas read 1 Corinth the whole chapter. Stop the allegation by mere seeing her with a female friend.

  1. I have always said this to my Nigerian friends…..the last hope for Nigeria and the biggest thing that can ever happen to Nigeria is the actualization of eko Atlantic city and abuja centenary city. If this happens more than one million Nigerians living abroad will return home in less that 2yrs to invest and bring their experience and expertize to the country. The millions that Nigerian musicians spend abroad and many Nigerians spend on vacation abroad would be poured back into the nation. People from Ghana, liberia, Togo will all flock to Nigeria to come and study and do business. Nigerians would no longer be ashamed of identifying as Nigerians on the internet and when they travel abroad. The middle class in Nigeria will explode. Employment will go up and many youths will gain employment. The Nigerian music industry and Bollywood would explode. Most Nigerians would no longer be dreaming of traveling abroad after seeing pictures of their friends abroad on Facebook or swing pictures of Europe on the internet.

  2. Enjoy yourself my darling, you are one in a million.I like you so much because you are not proud but down to earth and warm hearted

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