Photos: Hausa Actors Ali Nuhu & Sadiq Sani Win Best Actor Awards At MTN Kannywood Award Night In Abuja

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Feb 2nd, 2015 – Pictures: Hausa Actors Ali Nuhu & Sadiq Sani Win Best Actor Awards At MTN Kannywood 2014 Award Night In Abuja

One of the most popular actor in the Hausa movie industry, Ali Nuhu was honoured by Nigeria’s top telecommunication giant, MTN on Saturday night in Abuja.

kannywood 2014 awards winners

Ali Nuhu was honoured with Best Actor award in the popular category at the second edition of Kanny Awards that rocked Abuja two days ago.

Another popular Kannywood actor, Sadiq Sani Sadiq was also honoured at the event.

sadiq sani sadiq awards

Kannywood Awards 2014 was initially scheduled to hold in December 2014 but it was rescheduled.

Ali Nuhu won the same award back in 2013.

Congrats to the actors.

47 thoughts on “Photos: Hausa Actors Ali Nuhu & Sadiq Sani Win Best Actor Awards At MTN Kannywood Award Night In Abuja

    • How are you sure his English is not good, he has hausa accent and that can’t be taken from him stop judging

  1. d multiple award winning actor ali nuhu, my advice is that yakama asamu wanda zai maye gurbin ali nuhu amma haryanxu ankasa, iya film, kamala, ma ana a film wlh ali nuhu. duk yarinyar da ta shogo industry sabuwa indai ali nuhu yayi film da ita wlh sai tayi suna, ali nuhu da akece wa duk shekara sai yasamu awards he deserves that why.

  2. realy no one and no body deserve to the best actor apart from the multiple award winning actor, infact the wizkid director ALI NUHU.

  3. hi friends you’re just westing your time. talking about these winning actors. all you have to do now is to plan for your own future. they get there own world in there hands just wish them good things or congratulate them with respect I respect Ali nuhu and Sadiq sani Sadiq and others and I love u all actors and actress of kannywood

  4. abin dayasa ali nuhu ke daukar award bai wuce yawan yin film dayake yi ba marasa ma,ana.shege jaki na tsane shi

    • U r mad @musakh, idan bka supporting nashi to no nid kaxageshi bcox yafika komi, kuma hausawa ncewa hassada gamae rabo taki, my advice 4 u is ka gyara harshenka.

  5. though i am not happy ali nuhu deserved the kannywood’s award this year due to the meaningless and uninterested films that he is making i am congratulating and wishing him the best not because i like him as i hate ali nuhu i never know how to express lastly i solutes my one Adam zango man of the people who knows himself and the value of people and i am calling to be patient not to jealosy with anyone

  6. Musakh and Muzammeel, as a Muslims u have to be just in ur comments i.e u should always tell the truth not ur heart wishes. Because the pure truth is that both Ali Nuhu and Sadiq S Sadiq deserves whatever award being given to them. You that u are trying to abuse Ali Nuhu because of Sadiq S Sadiq, even he Sadiq heard u he w definitely agree that u misunderstood the truth. Because they’re not mates. talkless of Adam A Zango, all of them are his boys. Both of Adam and Sadiq are trying their best in their parts. But pls we should stop comparing’INCOMPARABLE’!!! ALI NUHU IS THE ACTOR WE HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE IN NIGERIA AND AFRICA AS A WHOLE. SO PLS TAKE CARE!!!

  7. Congratulations! I am congratulating both Ali Nuhu and Sadiq S. Sadiq for being awarded by MTN. But let me advise other people to decide their own future and stop relying on others. Multiple greetings to you my Ogas at the top I.e Multiple Award Winning Actor/ Whizkid Director(Ali Nuhu) & Award Winning Actor(Sadiq Sani Sadiq). My greetings also goes to Adam A. Zango and other Kannywood actors and actress. Thank You!!! Y.M. Sanyinna. Sokoto State.

  8. i really luv this supersticious actor indeed i appreciate their excellent efort,nd wish them happy and pleasant ramadan,oga at the top ali nuhu.

  9. may god bless the to actors ameen and may god expanded them their brain, power ability and striengh for making Hausa people and their culture basted and may Allah give them long life and increase them in knowledge.

  10. whenever I heard or saw a stupid,disobedient and ugly actor who was awarded by hypocrite and gossip people for instance Ali nuhu I will be very very angry several time I sweard and anybody who wasted his time,energy and wealth in supporting Ali nuhu he doesn’t know what he is doing lastly my message to you Ali nuhu is ***** you and your fans millions time ****

  11. maasha allah, i really happy to have seen this courage and i hve to say to u comgratulations all over u, the wizkid,king and winner actor ali nuhu and then u too zeal actor sadiq sani sadiq,wishes u the best again, thnk u

  12. before i was jealous of other film industry bt now i feel realese. bt still i wish theres a lady like ali. you know d say, “what a man can do a woman can do better”. still tualle for ali Allah ya kamama. my dieing wish is to become an hausa actress. may God guide you ali and sadiq

  13. Ali nuhu est un bon acteur. Il joue très bien ses rôles. J adore ses films. Sani Sadiq est aussi un bon joueur. Il joue bien les rôles d amour. Very good actors the Both.Congratulation.

  14. Wow my Boss Allah yakara Basira. U ar d always d best nd the multilpe Aword winning Actor. ALI NUHU

  15. we love him but he is pride man,ali as u have many fans at Hausa film,my advice to u here is that u beta stop that habit OK

  16. hm nagaba yaigaba nabaya sai lfari kafadi gaskiya almansoor ,dan ni inhar Hausa fin zankalla inhar ba sarki aciki ma ana Ali nuhu to gaskiya banajin danin fin din saboda a duk findinda yafita aciki saikaga ma anrsa kuma zaka fahimce ma anarsa da kuma dalilin dayasa akayi fin din.

  17. Wnn gskyne a gsky ina mai farinckin wnn awar da Oga yasmu dashi da saddiq INA Alfaharin kasncewarsu tare urban giji Allah yakara daukaka yakuma kare Allah yakara jituwar tsakaninku dakuma yan kanny wood. Ameen

  18. I like Ali nuhu morethan any actor in kannywood an I really happy for this awarded.

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