Shocking: Indian Woman Snatches Daughter’s Husband

indian man marries wife mother

August 21, 2016 – Picture:  Indian Man Who Dumped Wife To Marry Mother-In-Law Begs Wife To Come Back

Indian Man Who Married Wife’s Mother Wants To Come Back 2 Months After

22-year-old Suraj Mahto dumped his beautiful wife, Lalita Mahto in June 2016 and fled his village with his 42-year-old mother-in-law Asha Devi.

The unholy affair started when Devi came to stay with her daughter in Puraini village in 2015.

Devi looked after Suraj Mahto when he became ill and they immediately fell in love with each other.

Despite warning from fellow villagers, the two fled the village to continue their passionate affair and even got married.

Two months after, the couple have both realised they have made a crazy mistake.

Now Suraj is weeping like a child to have his wife back.

indian woman marry daughter husband

Chai!!! Some mother in law no get shame at all. Haba! of all people na your daughter’s husband you con snatch.

indian woman marry daughter husband

The poor man don eat vegetable belleful… See Juju power in action.

12 thoughts on “Shocking: Indian Woman Snatches Daughter’s Husband

  1. Did I just read the part where this mistake of a husband said “He wants his wife back?” I thought ur mother inlaw would av taken much more care of you so u could av increased in weight nd looked more fatter buh sorry it seems ur looking even worse. Ain’t surprised with this article thou, can’t stop laughing. Now at least he’s gained the popularity that I guess he longed for cos I don’t see any reason y someone would do this

  2. The murderous look on the man‘s face tells it all. He has jus sat on a sharp pin.

    When we Let love lead the way
    Instead of lust then…

    My strolling continues…

  3. He is stupid and greedy, he wants to eat his cake and have it.
    Now he has satisfied himself finish, he now wants to continue were he left off.
    The mother obviously got carried away due to loneliness nd lost, but its a taboo and a shameful act.
    Why not look for ur own companion elsewhere, if I were d daughter I will never trust her again.

  4. THIS KIND of thing is difficult to deal with. If the man had done it with a stranger, it would have been simpler. The young woman’s heart must be rent apart that the two people she had trusted could turn against her like this, and anytime she would look at her mother, she would see her husband; she looks at her husband, she would see her mother.

    HER MOTHER could have gotten herself another husband if the one she had married is now late.

  5. DEVI? Where is the last alphabet (L)in her name? DEVIL is what she is. As for that mistake called husband, you’d better stay with your devil and enjoy her love for the rest of your life.

  6. under no reason should the wife accept him back because by doing so she has just accepted her devi(l) as a junior wife (lol)… i believe the man is an unfortunate being like @fifelomo said but i must say that they all fall in the category of
    #clueless human but


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