Photos: Indian Millionaire Pays Dubai Govt. $9Million To Get Single Digit License Plate Number

Nov 2nd, 2016 – Pictures: Indian Man, Dubai Millionaire Pays $9Million To Get Single Digit License Plate Number For Rolls Royce Car

Indian Millionaire Balwinder Sahni Pays Dubai Government $9Million For Single Digit License Plate Number 

Meet one of the Indian millionaires based in Dubai who spent a whopping sum of $9million to secure a single-digit plate for one of his 6 Rolls Royce cars.

Balwinder Sahni, a wealthy property developer told CNN he loves the attention his plate number is giving him as most people he come in contact with are always at loss as to how he managed to get a single digit plate number.

He also came after those accusing him of wasting his money.

“It’s hard, people giving comments without knowing the type of person I am. I’m a very simple man.” – Sahni told CNN Money.