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Tension As UAE Slaps Nigerian Citizens With Strict Visa Requirements

nigerian visa requirements dubai uae 2022

Tension As UAE Slaps Nigerian Citizens With Strict Visa Requirements

Following some sad episode of crimes committed by irresponsible young Nigerians in Dubai few weeks bank, many Nigerians were rejected visa with just a few given.

As at the time of this report, a new visa application requirement has been introduced for all Nigerian applicants.

Going forward,  part of the 3 major requirements needed by Nigerians traveling to the UAE are;

6 months bank statement. This is the 1st time ever this particular requirement would be in effect. And it also says a whole lot as very much can be deduced from it too. Part of which is your employment status to a certain extent, if you have enough in the account which would suggest you can afford to take care of yourself and therefore responsible then you wouldn’t want to stay put etc.

Return flight ticket. Those just on brief visits or on business trips might wonder about this particular or peculiar requirement as they would have normally gotten their return ticket anyway, but for those who go to Dubai for the supposed golden fleece via looking for employment on a one way ticket, this is saying a whole lot.

Verifiable Hotel accommodation or place of stay. This requirement wasn’t an issue before until now as your agent just puts in for your visa application super quick and it was most likely given without any stress

These strict requirements are some form of elevated weeding (wheat from chaff) system. Maybe the reason for it would be that a busy hand (one that is engaged in something worthwhile/meaningful) wouldn’t have the time and energy to engage in foolishness (stupidity) in another man’s country!

All these additional requirements which are to prove your means, are to be uploaded on a visa portal that would be provided.

Even after all of the above are done, what was at least 99.9% sure before, is now still fully subject to APPROVAL. Meaning they have the right to approve to allow you into their country or not.

For those that may have forgotten so quickly what has triggered this, many days back, some unruly young Nigerian boys with weapons and with the full intent to maim and destroy, actually went on rampage against each other in what has been called a cult war. Thank God no bloodshed was reported, there were some damages to people’s properties.

These despicable young men in Satwi, a suburb of Dubai were seen in aggression and without a mask, brandishing machetes and running after each other. Though they were later rounded up, they still left a very bad taste in the mouth of many and many have even suggested that once they finish whatever jail term they may be given abroad, they should also be deported to Nigeria to come face another jail time for putting Nigerians in bad repute as deterrent (extreme).

Many are of the opinion that Nigerians would henceforth be profiled once they land in Dubai just because of some silly elements without discipline.

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