Photos: Kidnapper Who Snatched Baby Girl From Mother At Abule Egba Lagos Arrested

kidnapper snatches baby from mother

July 22, 2016 – Pictures: Kidnapper Who Snatched Child From Mother In Abule Egba Lagos Arrested

A 35-year-old suspected kidnapper simply identified as Haruna was given the beating of his life yesterday after his attempt to kidnap a 24-month-old child from her mother failed.

The suspect reportedly snatched the girl from her mother and jumped on his bike at Beckleys Estate in Abule Egba around 3pm but luck ran out on him when the mother of the innocent child raised an alarm.

Haruna was given a hot chase by passersby and motorcyclists in the area.

When he noticed he was being chased, he threw the child from the bike but those chasing him didn’t stop.

Some rescued the baby while others eventually continued the chase and captured him.

The injured child was taken to the hospital while the kidnappers was beaten to stupor before he was dragged to a nearby police station.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Kidnapper Who Snatched Baby Girl From Mother At Abule Egba Lagos Arrested

  1. Thank God,for the innocent gal and her families,God also bless the gud public that chase the devil sent kidnapper.

  2. I hope somebody poured pepper on his wounds. Thank you Lagos crowd for always standing against evil. This is a terrifying dimension that should not be allowed to develop further. Usually when a child is with another person, even another older sibling, parents relax that the child is relatively safe. But snatching a child from the mother is terrorism on top of everything else for carelessness is not at play in this instance.
    The devil incarnate of a man should be put away for a long long time. Mchweeeeeeeew !!!!!!!

  3. Imagine at broad day light. I trust lagosians on this one naa fight to finish. Thank God he didn’t succeed.

  4. yes at buzu-k they suppose to kill the forking kante evil so nigeria is now like that unnnnnnnnnnnn.

  5. They will never know peace, hope d child is not seriously injured. A big thanks to those people who rescued dis child and also made it possible for d idiots to be arrested.

  6. Wickedness will never seize to end. On a broad day light ritualists are even hunting for people to kidnap. God punish them forever. I thank God they were caught. Good for those fools.

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