Photos: Majek Fashek Turns Gangster At Abuja Drug Rehab Center, Wears Military Uniform

majek fashek drug rehab abuja

August 12, 2015 – Pictures: Majek Fashek Turns Gangster At Abuja Drug Rehab Center, Wears Military Uniform

Troubled Raggae star Majekodunmi Fashakin aka Majek Fashek has been checked into a rehabilitation center in Abuja, courtesy of Niger-Delta oil millionaire Ayiri Emami.

According to eagle eyes, since he got into the rehab center, he has been wearing a military uniform in a bid to boast his moral.

Mr Fashek has turned the rehab center into a mini tourist destination as fans and supporters including Abuja Area Fada Charly Boy Oputa drop by daily to check up on him.

Majek, who was previously seen roaming the streets of Lagos aimlessly, had lived in the United States some years ago before being deported to Nigeria.

He has been checked into several rehabilitation centers in the past hope he will find solution to his drug addiction problem this time around.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Majek Fashek Turns Gangster At Abuja Drug Rehab Center, Wears Military Uniform

  1. Pathetic.k I hope we can follow protocol and policy in my country , an individual going through rehabilitation is being seen and entertained and treated like this . I feel for his wife. I am sure she will be dissappointed with all this attention seeker celebrity flaunting her sorrow in this manner . This is the man thAt have gone through this system and have abused it generally. This is the indication of individual with no hope . Hope and willingness is the beginning of major treatment of substance abuse . Make I initially expressed the need to be clean of substances but do not express it this means he is not ready to leave this life and am sure that he will be going back to his old life soonest. People do not understand the world of addiction and I guess that is why they ‘re treating addiction this way. At the e d of the day , he may be a total waste is space .progression in the rehab need to follow through to understand his willingness AND stop all this publicity stunt.

  2. I hope they have experienced workers. Detoxification/ Rehabilitation for addiction in abroad are quite strict with visitors to avoid smuggling in illicit drugs and alcohol to the drug addicts .
    However , i don’t know which medications they give him there , either buprenorphine which is easy to come off or methadone ? What ever ,they should monitor him due to risk of overdose and harm minimisation.
    He is only suffering from Drug induced psychosis and depression , i hope it is only cannabis he takes then it will be easy to come off with a lot of psychological and psycho social interventions. If he currently dependent of crack/ cocaine and heroin or stimulants they should consider methadone or subutex( Buprenorphine). I like Majek a lot and i wish him a speedy recovery.
    No juju !! it’s just his lifestyle. I hope he is motivated to change .

  3. One Day At A time. Drug recovery is a JOURNEY not a DESTINATION, God Grant The Rain Maker The Serenity To Accept The Things He Can Not Change, Courage To Change The Things He Can And Wisdom To know The Difference.

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