Photos: Married Omoni Oboli ‘Exposes’ Bo-obs Infront Of Jonathan At Aso Rock Abuja

omoni oboli boobs jonathan

August 16, 2014 – Married Omoni Oboli Exposes Breast Infront Of Jonathan At Aso Rock Abuja: Why They Call Nollywood Actresses Prostitutes

I have great respect and admiration for this polite Nollywood actress. My first encounter with her was at the airport sometimes last year. She sounds gentle and very courteous but her latest move is a shocker.

How can a married mother of three handsome boys leave the house dressed like this without her hubby challenging her.

These photos were taken at Aso rock villa on Friday during the private screening of her first movie, Being Mrs Elliot.

Funnily enough some fans of hers are thanking God she is flat-chested. What would happen if it’s d other way around.

She has joined her Nollywood colleagues using seduction to play their games.

Haba Omoniiiiiiiiiiiiii dis is a no no. Your mode of dressing is worrisome.