Photos: Meet 6 Popular Nigerian Actresses Who Converted To Islam After Marriage Crash


nollywood actresses who converted to islam

July 23, 2016 – Pictures: Meet 6 Popular Nollywood Actresses Who Converted To Islam After Marriage Crash

The latest trend in the Nigerian movie industry is conversion to Islam.

As it stands, Islam seems to be the final destination of actresses who have challenge in their marriages or relationships.

Most of these celebrities even organize trips to Mecca to make themselves feel comfortable in their newly adopted faith.

nollywood celebrities converted to islam

Here are the top 6 popular Nollywood celebrities who sought refuge under Islam as a quick fix to their marital woes.

(1) Laide Bakare

She was born into a Christian home until she left her ‘poor’ US-based Christian husband for a wealthy Lagos-based Alhaji Tunde Orilowo popularly called ATM .

She was forced to convert to Islam before marrying him. She is now the most loved of his 3 wives.

(2) Lola Alao

Though she earlier claimed she was born into a Christian home, the actress has denied the claim.

The actress who told Encomium about her Christian upbringing in 2013 took back her words yesterday when she told fans she was born by a Muslim father.

She recently dumped Christianity for Islam after a popular cleric preached to her.

(3) Moji Olaiya

She is the daughter of popular high life singer Victor Olaiya. Moji was brought up in a Christian home until her marriage crashed. She converted to Islam in 2014 and even used her mother’s faith to defend her conversion.

(4) Vivian Metchie

Vivian Metchie was born to a Deeper Life mother and a Catholic father. She was married to a committed member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God before she joined Nollywood.

In the process, her marriage crashed. She left her 4 children and packed out of her matrimonial home.

When she made the decision to give marriage a try again, Vivian moved on with a young Alhaji and converted to Islam. Her newly adopted name is Fareedah.

(5) Liz Da Silva

She was born into the family of a Yoruba father and a Togolese mother.

Liz Da Silva was a Christian until she became the wife of a married Muslim man and became his second wife. She adopted the name Aishat after her conversion.

(6)  Lizzy Anjorin

Elizabeth Anjorin was born into a Christian family. She found solace in Islam back in 2013 and soon after travelled to Mecca for Hajj.

She claimed that her mother named her Sekinat when she was young.

Her conversion to Islam was aided by her relationship with a wealthy Alhaji who is now the financial backbone of her career.