Nollywood Vows To Ban Nigerian Actors Featuring In Adult Movies Online

nigerian actors adult movies online

July 23, 2016 – Nollywood Vows To Ban Nigerian Actors Featuring In Adult Movies Online

The Nollywood Crusader Directors has said it will ban actors and actresses that feature in any sex movie on the internet.

“We have also agreed not to employ the services of the actors in any movie they are directing,” said a statement signed by actor Charles Awurum and founder of Igbo film forum, comrade Eze Harris Chuma.

According to ghanaweb, the directors also called on parents to always monitor the Internet to see what their wards are doing in the name of acting.

“This is everybody’s fight. Many innocent young girls are being tricked or forced into accepting to act the indecent roles and some because of their innocence, childish brain, and hunger to become movie stars, willingly accept the roles, and even pay for it with their bodies or money. Those that have not gotten to the age of reasoning are the ones we cry for. Those above 20 years can go ahead and act their blue movies, if that is what they have agreed with their parents. They cannot be used by any concerned Nollywood Crusader directors.

“This is not in our culture, and it is not our tradition. Parents should be careful of what their children are using their phones to watch. At four years, most of our children can operate phones perfectly, even more than some adults. We are saying this today, for the sake of tomorrow. These young actors will be mothers and fathers tomorrow, they will sit and watch the shameful acts of their parents, years past,” the statement read.

According to Eze Chuma, the group’s task force will be working with the Nigeria Police to ensure that the perpetrators are arrested and brought to book.”

10 thoughts on “Nollywood Vows To Ban Nigerian Actors Featuring In Adult Movies Online

  1. Well said, lets stop the evil before the evil stops us. Nolywood have encountered lots of tragidies recently that i sometimes ask what the curse could be

  2. u r talkin abt banning any nigerian actor dat will feature in adult movie,thats good,but what abt wayo nollywood the do nigerians,una go use 30minutes do advertisement,9minutes write names of the actors,and come use 20minutes show the main movie and e no go reach one hour,una go write it season one,and its no longer part one anymore,while philipians movies u will watch their season1 for d whole day e no go finish and its vry interesting.why r we cheatin ourselves? pls address this issue bcus this is fraudulent act.

  3. It is too bad for what d desperate artists are doing, imagine a tenage girl been decieved to act a porno role for her to b registered into nollywood and she did.

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