Photos: Meet The Skin Bleaching Expert Who Turned Black Nollywood Ladies Into Oyinbo Naija

abimbola ogunnowo

August 10, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Abimbola Ogunnowo, The Skin Bleaching Expert Who Turned Black Nollywood Ladies Into Oyinbo Naija

Nollywood actress Abimbola Ogunnowo who dumped acting for skin bleaching business is the brain behind the overnight transformation of many dark and lovely Nollywood stars into light skinned ladies.

Ogunnowo is the founder of extreme beauty palace in Lagos, a place where you enter as black and come out as white.

She uses sophisticated skin whitening chemicals and modern skin-bleaching machines.

Check out more photos of Abimbola Ogunnowo and some of her proud clients below

See before and after photo of Abimbola Ogunnowo below

15 thoughts on “Photos: Meet The Skin Bleaching Expert Who Turned Black Nollywood Ladies Into Oyinbo Naija

  1. hello Mhiz Abimbola the only woman present on the sixth creation day celebrate yourself for helping many reach their goal of getting to ****.
    i pity you and those who come to you to bleach their skin i know you think God is not perfect enough but you are fully wrong.


  2. Hmm God is watching. Now when you grow old and start smelling worst and your skin starts changing to snake skin with different colours you start asking why you?

  3. What will ladies benefit from this? It doesn’t even freak me as a man to be attracted to a bleaching girl. It actually makes no deference to me. Honestly seing some black or chocolate complexions of some ladies walking on the street can cause a moment of confusion and uneasiness among many men.
    Even healthwise,it is never advisable to do that because of the future consequence and irreparable damage to the skin. So why not maintain your God given skin?

  4. I pray when you get to heaven, God would find your artificial skin type now to the original he gave you in his file, that’s if you’ll even make heaven. At least u should have toned your skin and not this. Yous Ex’s should be very very careful cos they can even date u again without knowing and they’ll be like ‘This face looks familiar, have we met b4?’ and you #Abimbola will be like ‘Yes you have, we dated 2009, was dark then’ Lmao

  5. Hmmmm! uwa mmebi(spoilt world),despite knowing the consequences,some lunatics still engage themselves in such an abysmal act.#Godhavemercy.

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