Another UNIPORT Lecturer, Prof John Okoli Kidnapped 6 Days After Kidnappers Rel…

prof john okoli kidnapped

August 10, 2016 – UNIPORT Engineering Faculty Lecturer, Prof John Okoli Kidnapped 6 Days After Kidnappers Released Reginald Ohiri Of Biochem Department

Gunmen suspected to be kidnappers have abducted another lecturer of the University of Port Harcourt.

The victim identified as Professor John Okoli, the director of Offshore Technology Institute of the faculty of Engineering was kidnapped on Tuesday shortly after he left the institution for his home in Port Harcourt.

Last week, Dr Reginald Ohiri of the Department of Biochemistry was kidnapped and released few days later because he was the wrong target.

Rivers State Police officials are currently on the move to arrest the kidnappers and free Prof Okoli.

7 thoughts on “Another UNIPORT Lecturer, Prof John Okoli Kidnapped 6 Days After Kidnappers Rel…

  1. kidnapping! now one of the most commercial business in Nigeria. some Nigerians has seen this as the easiest way to make money. i think the police should do something about security of the school. i also smell that some students could be involved in this act. I pray that you come back to your family alive and in good health

  2. Kidnappings has now become a well paying and lucrative business primarily because of the high rate of unemployment in the country. Secondly,because of greed and lack of contentment. The desire for materialism and unemployment have driven many into unthinkable level of violence and lawlessness in the society which is now alarming. Unless something is done to fix and revive our crippling economy,we may continue to witness the proliferation of kidnappings in the country in a scale never seen before.

  3. “Wrong target” released for another target. Very frightening. It does not sound like kidnapping for ransom but for other reasons. Let’s hope the current victim is also the “wrong target” for the alternative possibility the victim is kidnapped to settle scores, whether Imagined or real is very unsettling to contemplate.. Wish him safe return to his family.

  4. Let the police officers do pursue the kidnappers wisely before they will kill the lecturer. God please mercy on the lecturer.

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