Photos: Meet Dr Oladotun Okunola Nigerian Doctor Who Saved Hillary Clinton In New York

nigerian doctor saved hillary clinton

September 22, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Dr Oladotun Okunola, The Nigerian Doctor Who Saved, Treated Hillary Clinton In New York

US Democratic Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton has expressed her gratitude to her Nigerian-born US-based doctor, Dr. Oladotun Okunola for helping her to recover from her recent health challenge.’

In a Twitter message via her handle @HILLARYCLINTON, she wrote:

“I want to give a big THANK YOU to my Doctor who travels everywhere with me, Dr. Oladotun Okunola. I wouldn’t be here without him! Literally.

Recently, Clinton left a 9/11 memorial event in New York and appeared to stumble and faint as she was assisted into a vehicle by staffers and secret service agents.

After a coughing fit during an event earlier that week, the new episode only added to the growing speculation that Clinton is suffering from potentially serious health conditions that are being hidden from the public

Clinton’s recent behavior at various events, characterized by people assisting her walk up steps and fits of coughing, has led observers to increasingly speculate about potentially serious health problems.

However, she’s back on her feet, thanks to Dr. Okunola and her medical team.

Dr. Okunola is Hillary Clinton’s Dr. Feelgood. He is the mystery sidekick that has been spotted with her all across the campaign trail.

Okunola, who is dressed like a Secret Service agent rushed to Hillary’s side when animal rights activists interrupted her rally in August. The outfit is so convincing that the media actually identified him as a member of the Secret Service.

Dr. Okunola joins the prestigious Neurology group, Neuroscience Center of Northern New Jersey, to provide a variety of specialized care. He specializes in epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, and sleep medicine.

[Source: Gold Myne TV]

7 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Dr Oladotun Okunola Nigerian Doctor Who Saved Hillary Clinton In New York

  1. Am relieved to know a nigerian is very useful to a white that mos times see no importance in them. Get well soon ma and don’t forget it’s God who healed u so he should be the one u say thank-you to first before any other

  2. I believe the whites gives more importance to blacks than we blacks gives ourselves. For Gods sake if this was in Nigeria it would have been ‘how dear a black Nigerian doctor look after our proposed number one citizen’. What state is he from? Don’t we have more than enough qualified white men and women that can do that job? He must have a God father somewhere. We really need to change.

  3. This is just one more incident that demonstrate,illustrate and showcase not just to the world but to our leaders that Nigeria has human resources who are highly skilled,learned and professionals ready to display their professionalism in their respective field in the country.

    But because our corrupt leaders gave little or no attention to the nation’s decaying infrastructures,institutions where this highly skillful ones can excel and put those acquired knowledge in to use so as to deliver excellence and quality service to Nigerians,they tend to stay behind and remain in their respective advance country where they achieved to skills they possessed!

    We can just imagine the wealth of medical knowledge and experience this man has gathered in US which in turn can be impacted to our students who are studying MEDICINE in our various higher institutions of learning in nigeria.

    Of course while we have many of them in our country,a rising number of such ones are tired,frustrated with our leaders approach toward health care facilities and their shattered and outdated equipment across the country.

    Though we don’t know his plan for now, but many men like mr Oladotun Okunola prefer to stay in a country where their professions can be valued,respected and be highly esteemed by their nationals and prominent people of the country like HILARY CLINTON and the rest.
    So our government should repair their home and do more to encourage this professionals in overseas who are busy giving out their talents,expertise and accomplishments to better the lives of those living in the foreign lands and come back home to delivered such good quality services to Nigerians. And stop shamelessly flying abroad to waste substantial amounts of money on health care they can get here at home if they work towards it.

  4. We have enough of Nigerians in western Countries who can rebuild our Country if our government is ready to work with them. We don’t appreciate what we have, that is why most of our best brains are relocating to where they will be appreciated. This incidence is not a surprise to me because I know that we have a lot of professionals scattering around the globe.

    Folks, let me say this, if you are a very gifted or talented individual and you are not in an environment where you can maximize your potentials, your talent might died with you. If you are in society where there is opportunity to display your potentials even if you are an average person, you will excel those people who are genius and live in an environment where their brain cannot be made to function. What I’m trying to say is, if this Doctor happens to be in Nigeria, nobody may even recognize him. Now the United States presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton is giving this man a credit before the world for saving her life.

    All these monies that most of our leaders are wasting and stashing in oversea’s account can be paid to our expertise for training young talents and toward development of this Country. A Nigerian man visited United States sometimes ago. He wanted to fix her daughter dental problem. They told him they can fix the problem in the US. When he came, most of the Americans Dentists were unable to treat her daughter problem. He was so depressed and ready to pay any amount of money just for her daughter to be ok. Not until someone refered them to a Nigerian Dentist from Ondo State. This man was trained in UK and US respectively. This man removed the entire jaw and put it back and the surgery was successful. After that surgery, most American Doctors were trying to know this man.

    When I visited this man, because he is like a brother and we hang out together sometimes. He told me that he could have charged that man more than the required amount because he was a politician and people told him how he was rich but he did not do that. He charged him normal fee. This man left Nigeria, he taught Americans are the one who will help him solve his daughte’s problem and he end up being helped by Nigerian whom he had tried to avoid.

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