Photos: Meet Ejine Okoroafor, Cossy Orjiakor’s New Rival In Nollywood


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January 9, 2017 – Pictures: Meet Ejine Okoroafor, The Nollywood Actress Who Kicked Cossy Orjiakor Out Of Business

If you suddenly hear that controversial actress Cossy Orjiakor has quit acting, this is the real reason behind her action.

Ejine Okoroafor, a well endowed Nollywood actor is one of newest stars who many believe is not in good terms with Cossy Diva because she sees her as a rival for her heavy frontal endowment.

Check out latest photos of Miss Okoroafor below

16 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Ejine Okoroafor, Cossy Orjiakor’s New Rival In Nollywood

  1. what is pretty in her, a den where the evil spirits take their abode !
    That’s where some men who want to go to where Satan belongs will meet their waterloo.
    This is one of the traps set by satan to catch souls for destruction.

    May God continue to uphold our souls from destruction,

  2. Chikwe, it sounds you are very angry with this woman. If you are condemning her because she is pretty, the lady standing to the far left is more pretty. What then do you say of her?

  3. Chikwe, I mean the lady in all blue dress standing to the far left. She is the most beautiful of all the ladies in this picture. Ebony Black.

  4. If I am marry to this woman, I go de buy only bread, sugar and bonvita. Milk is dey oredy. I go de even sell milk. I go de dash milk to Cowbell pipul and Peak pipul. I go dash Three Crown pipul too. I go open big tank where childrens are come to drink milk when they are return from school so that when everybody have drink milk, the world go be better place.

  5. Apart from knocking cossy out of business, this girl is so bobiciously blessed that she can competently represent Nigeria in Olympic Breast show tournament!
    I don‘t know whether there‘s any thing like that though, but if you wish to know better, ask Big Bench.

    Brave Hunter.

  6. why are you discusing about this woman that show her Germar visa on instagram is Germar visa not important must of you saying all this trash remember you people travel by road to europe let her be if europe is not good while not you go back to your country for her to come to Germany for short visit is very good

  7. Hi guys, you are all condemning this good gift from nature. See how lifted she has been with this. A celeb no doubt. She will go places after knocking the Cossy out. I must confide in myself that I and about 90% of us like and will crave for her consciously in a function that will provoke our partners. Tell me how many necks turns when a “flatee” passes. or do you love playing, toying, fondling or resting on planks. Perfect pillow she is.

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