Photos: Nigeria’s 1st Transgender Muslim, Alfa Habeeb Lawal Aka Noni Salma Disowned By Family


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July 29, 2016 – Pictures: Meet Nigeria’s First Muslim Transgender, Alfa Habeeb Lawal Now Noni Salma In New York Disowned By Family

See Photos Of Nigerian Muslim Transgender Noni Salma As A Man

Meet Nigeria’s first transgender Muslim, Mr Habeeb Lawal now bearing Noni Salma in the US.

The Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Lagos adopted his new lifestyle after he gained admission into New York Film Academy in NY.

Habeeb Lawal who is now living as a woman in the US has been disowned by his family.

The chocolate beauty is causing outrage on the social media for openly rebuking Nigeria’s tough stand on homosexuality and transgenderism.

Close sources alleged that he was a devout Muslim (Alfa) who often encourages his fellow students to follow the peaceful path of Islam before relocating to America.

Habeeb is still undergoing gender reconstructive surgery.

Closes sources said he now has a fully functional female *** organ.

See photos of Habeeb Lawal before gender reconstructive surgery below

noni salma as a man

Here is the new face of Habeeb Lawal

noni salma as a man

Lord have mercy!!!!