Photos: Mentally Unstable Lagos Police Inspector Ibrahim Odufarasin Terrorises Ijora Badia Residents


insane lagos police inspector

April 6, 2016 – Pictures: Insane, Trigger Happy Lagos Police Inspector Ibrahim Odufarasin Terrorizes Ijora Badia Residents 


The mother of one of the two men shot by a mentally unstable police inspector at a naming ceremony in Ijora Badia area of Lagos has begged Police IGP Solomn Arase and Lagos State CP, Fatai Owoseni to come to her rescue.

Her son, Murtala Ganiu (pictured above) is currently hospitalised at Apapa after trigger happy Police inspector Ibrahim Odufarasin shot him.

The victim’s mother, Mrs. Ramat Ganiu, said: “My son was returning from his work place at Ijora-Olopa when flying bullets hit him. The bullets were from the gun of Odufarasin. Today, my son is lying critically ill at the hospital. The incident happened on March 30.

“Since then, my husband and I had spent over N150,000. As I speak, we have exhausted all our savings. My son was shot in his buttock and thigh. We cannot afford the drugs we were asked to buy.” The inspector, presently in police custody at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Yaba, Lagos State, is attached to the IG Anti-Pipeline Vandalism Unit. Odufarasin, described as one of the leaders in the community, allegedly opened fire during a naming ceremony.

How Inspector Ibrahim Odufarasin Shot Two Innocent Boys On Ajayi Street

“During the ceremony, two boys started fighting. Some guests at the party intervened and stopped the fight. It was in the process of brokering peace that Odufarasin came from his street, Ajayi Street, and started shouting.

He said people had started causing problem and and that once he started his own, nobody would be able to stop him. “One of our boys, Ade Ogunbanjo, ran to him, begging him that the matter had been settled. Suddenly, for no reason, Odufarasin whipped out a dagger from his waist and stabbed Ade in his left hand.

He turned around and stabbed Murtala Rasak in his arm. He actually wanted to stab Rasak in his chest, but he dodged and it got him in his arm.” While people were still trying to get over the shock of his action, Odufarasin reportedly ran home and came back with two rifles. He started shooting sporadically. In the process, bullets hit Murtala Ganiu and Iwalokun Bayo.

mentally unstable lagos police inspector

As at yesterday, both men were still in the hospital. Ramat recollected that a few weeks earlier, Odufarasin arrested her son for fighting and took him to Ijora Badia Police Station. She added that before Murtala Ganiu was granted bail, the parents paid N30,000 to the police. She said: “We want peace in our community.

We can’t sleep with our eyes closed. We heard some of Odufarasin boys are coming to unleash terror on all residents.” Speaking from his hospital bed, Muritala Ganiu said: “I was returning from work when I saw residents running. I didn’t know why, but I started running too.

I suddenly felt something hit me.After running for some minutes, I fell down. Some youths in our community rushed me to a private hospital. I was later referred to the general hospital; pellets were extracted from my body. My parents have not been able to buy drugs prescribed for me at the hospital by doctors.”

Ogunbanjo, another victim, said he was trying to caution the inspector when he suddenly brought out a dagger and stabbed him. He said: “During the naming ceremony, two of our younger brothers started fighting. The matter was promptly settled. Before we knew what was happening, Odufarasin was shouting. He asked why they were fighting. Before we knew what was happening, he went into his apartment, returned with two rifles and started shooting sporadically.”

Members of the community scampered for safety during the shooting. When the dust settled, it was discovered that two people were shot. Rasak said: “We are tired of this man. He used to terrorise and arrest people indiscriminately.

He claimed to be a policeman, but he does not go to office. He is always indoors, fomenting trouble with everyone in the community.” Comrade Ibrahim Alao, a resident, said: “When we got to SCID on Friday, Odufarasin was dancing. He said we were too small to handle him.”